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HRIS Access

Fill out the HRIS Access Form (pdf)

All K-State employees have access to HRIS for Employee Self Service.  Use the HRIS Access form to gain access for the management and reporting of employee, payroll and budget data.

Filling out the Form:

Department Name: KSU department in which the employee works.
Employee Name: Print full employee name.
HRIS Employee ID: 11 character HRIS employee identification number.
K-State eID (electronic ID): Print the ID(key) to resources on K-States's central computing system.
Work Phone: Employee’s work phone, including area code if off campus.
Position Title: Employee’s official title.
Security Action: Check “Add” if employee is a NEW HRIS user.  Check “Change” if employee is making a change to initial access.  Check “Delete” if employee is no longer employed.
Operator Circle appropriate classification:  Classification: Faculty - Staff - Student
Password: You will be contacted by Data Security for your initial password.
Employee should read and sign the form where indicated.
User's Roles Access: The roles provide access to specific applications and pages. The role selection will be based on the employee's responsibilities. Multiple roles may be selected.

HRIS Role Definitions

RoleRole Description
Budget UserAbility to update KSU Budget Data
Budget User/Sub-agencyAbility to update KSU Budget Data — reserved for Subagencies (i.e.,ESARP, Local Agency, Vet Med)
Conflict of Interest ApproverConflict of Interest Approver
Department Key User (intended for department personnel specialists)View most Position Data, Employee Data, Limited update (i.e., Student Pay Rates, Addresses, Unclassified Data, Contracts, Service Codes, etc. Update time & leave and view leave accruals. Ability to run all department time and leave reports.
Dept Student ProcessorLimited view of data relevant to position, personal data, job data; update student pay rates, temporary appointment date, addresses and phone numbers
Employee Self Service (Automatically inserted into Employee's HRIS Access)Employees may update their home address & phone numbers, manage payroll deposits, view leave balances & benefit summaries, view & print pay statements, change W-4 and/or K-4 tax withholdings, enroll in training opportunities & complete & submit Conflict of Interest & Time Commitment Forms for approval. And, certain employees may record time worked & their supervisors may approve/reject those hours.
Employment VerifierLimited view of Employee Data (Pages: All Jobs Summary, Student Verification, WID Lookup, Contact Info, Work Location and Job Info. Report: Active Position Listing Report).
Extension AdministratorCreates and runs County Extension Benefit Invoices
Health & Safety Dept UserUpdate Health & Safety (Workers Compensation/Accident Reporting)
Health & Safety (View only)View Only … employee accident data
Help Desk (View only)View Only …WID Lookup and Job Data (Only Work Location page)
Payroll Funding UserUpdate payroll funding and run specific funding reports (i.e., Position Funding by Project, Position Funding by Department, Position Funding by End Date, Position Funding GRA/GRA, Department Level Funding, Pyrl Funding: How EE was Funded, Pyrl Funding: Who on Project)
Payroll Funding (View Only)View Only … payroll funding, run funding reports
Payroll View/ReportView of payroll related data and ability to run payroll reports. Pages: Pay Distribution Summary, KSU CWSP Dist, KSU Deductions Balances, and KSU Earnings Balances Reports: Active Position Listing, Check Register, EEs Paid by Multiple Depts, Payroll Payments, Pyrl Funding: Who on Project, Pyrl Funding: How EE was Funded, PPA Security Report
PeopleSoft User (Automatically Inserted into Employee's HRIS Access)My personalizations, Report Manager, My Favorites
Query Dept UserGrants access to the KSU_EE_VW (View of KSU_EE_TBL) for department users.
ReportSuperUser (Automatically Inserted into Employee's HRIS Access)Allows users to delete reports from their report list in Report Manager.
Service Code/SS AdmUpdate service code data and administer summer school
Summer School-CollegeUpdate Summer School data for college
Template Based Hire (Intended only for department Personnel Specialists.)Ability to hire student employees on-line.
TimekeeperUpdate time entry pages, view accruals
Time/Leave ReportsAbility to run all department time and leave reports
Training UserUpdate of training courses and enrollment
Unit Manager View (View Only)View Only … most employee, payroll, and budget information

HRIS Role Definitions Normally Reserved for Human Capital Services

RoleRole Description
All DisplayView of all data in HRIS, used by HCS Director, Provost, Internal Audit, etc.
Benefits AdministratorUpdate all Benefits set-up tables, run benefit reports and processes
Budget AdministratorUpdate all Budget set-up tables and other central only records, run all budget reports and processes
Benefits UserUpdate employee benefit elections (Local Agencies, Federal)
Compliance AdministratorView of most data, used by Affirmative Action and Office of Academic Personnel.
Employee Data AdministratorUpdate all HCS set-up tables, run central reports and processes, includes correction
Employee Data ProcessorUpdate position and employee data, without correction
Employment AdministratorView most employee data
Health & Safety AdministratorUpdate Health & Safety set-up tables, run central reports/processes
Health & Safety Dept UserUpdate Health & Safety (Workers‘ Compensation accidents)
Health & Safety-Public SafetyPublic Safety access to Health & Safety update and view
HR AdministratorAssociate Director, HCS
Non-Employee ProcessorAdd positions, hire non-employees, update non-employee data
Operations AdministratorRun central processes and reports, view data
Parking ServicesView limited employee data, view general deductions/pay deductions
Payroll AdministratorUpdate payroll set-up tables, run payroll reports and processes, includes Commitment Accounting & Time and Leave set-up
Payroll ProcessorUpdate and process payroll data, run some payroll processes and reports
Position ProcessorUpdate Position Management, view employee data
Security AdministratorCreate and modify HRIS permission lists and roles
Security UserAssign users to roles and permissions
Service Code/SS AdministratorPlanning & Analysis – Service Codes and Summer School set up tables and run related central processes/reports
Training AdministratorSet up Training tables, run central processes/reports

Department ID(s): List the 10-digit department number(s) for which the employee should have access such as 3670020060. If the employee is to receive access to all departments under a major reporting unit, indicate only the main department number such as 3670020010, Arts and Sciences Dean Office, and indicate that the employee should have access to all departments reporting to that unit. If the employee is to receive access to all KSU departments, use 3670000000 as the department ID.
Provide Department ID(s) and/or Account Code(s) for access needed to print the Payroll Payments by Account Report.
Department ID(s): List the 10-digit department number(s) for which the employee should have access. If the employee is to receive access to all departments under a major report unit, indicate only the main department number such as 3670020010, Arts and Sciences Dean Office, and indicate that the employee should have access to all departments reporting to that unit. If the employee is to receive access to all KSU departments, use 3670000000 as the department ID.
Account Code(s): Normally, Department ID(s) are designated. However, if the user is also responsible for a few accounts that are not within the Department(s) designated, those account code(s) will also be listed.
Supervisor Name/Signature: For the initial access, obtain the major administrative unit signature for all requests. 
Dept Head Name/Signature: Print department head name and obtain signature.

Send the completed form to Frieda Beat, Division of Human Capital Services, 103 Edwards Hall, 1810 Kerr Drive, Manhattan, KS 66506.  New HRIS users who will be updating information need On-Line Basic training as well as other appropriate HRIS training sessions.  Register for HRIS training sessions through HRIS Self Service. User will be notified when access has been completed. Normally, access will be granted within a couple of days upon receipt of this form