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Teacher Information

Many teachers have attended our summer workshop along with their students!  Here is what they had to say about their experience.

  • "I felt the GROW conference was, by far, the best event I had ever taken students to, and it was one of the best places I have received ideas that can improve my teaching. Very organized and beneficial to all. Thanks for allowing me to attend!"
  • "I have a lot of new resources that I did not have!"
  • "I was very impressed by the hands on activities for the students, and would love the opportunity to experience more of them in the future!"
  • "It is a great hands on experience to learning and will provide you with enrichment activities to take back to your classroom!"
  • "I have several activities that I can take back to my classroom to enhance my lessons!"

We would love to have you and your students join us at our events on campus for the 2013-2014 school year! See our Upcoming Events for more information!