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Long Term Ecological Research



Angela Laws


Laws, A. N. and G. E. Belovsky.  Submitted.  How will species respond to climate change?  Examining the combined effects of temperature and population density on an herbivorous insect. Ecology.

Laws, A. N., T. Frauendorf, J. E. Gomez, and I. Fuentes. Submitted. Predators mediate the effects of a fungal pathogen on prey:  an experiment with grasshoppers, wolf spiders, and fungal pathogens. Ecology Letters.

Laws, A. N. and G. E. Belovsky. In preparation.  Tritrophic interactions in an old field food web are modified by temperature and herbivore density.

Laws, A. N. and G. E. Belovsky.  In preparation.  Grasshoppers increase feeding in response to spider predators:  a mechanism to compensate for increased metabolic costs of shifts in daily feeding patterns?

Laws, A. N. and G. E. Belovsky.  In preparation.  Effects of population density on life-history strategies in grasshoppers.

Gomez, J. E., A. N. Laws, and A. Joern. In preparation.  Hide-and-seek among wolf spiders and grasshoppers:  applying the ecology of fear to invertebrates.