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Graduate School

Graduate Student Organizations

The following are official K-State graduate organizations or groups. 

American Association of Petroleum Geologists
Agronomy Graduate Student Association (AGSA)
Animal Science & Industry
Apparel and Textiles Graduate Student Organization
Biology GSA
Business Administration Graduate Student Association
Civil Engineering GSC
Education GSO
Gamma Theta Upsilon (Beta Psi Chapter) - Geography
Graduate Association of Psychology Students- GAPS
Graduate Nuclear or Mechanical Engineering - GNOMES
Graduate Physics Student Association
Graduate Students in Agricultural Economics – GSAE
Graduate Students in Economics- GSE
Grain Science Graduate Student Organization
Graduate Students of Color - HUES
HMD Graduate Club
Horticulture Graduate Student Association
Meat Science Association
Music Masters Student Group
Nepalese Student Association
Organization of Political Science Public Administration and Security Studies
Phi Lambda Upsilon-Chemistry
Plant Pathology Graduate Student Club
Popenoe Entomology
Student Affairs Graduate Association - SAGA
Student Chapter American Society of Landscape Architects
The Colombian Association of Kansas State  University
Vet Med