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Graduate School

Graduate Student Organizations

The following are official K-State graduate organizations and groups. 

Agronomy Graduate Student Association (AGSA)
Animal Sciences and Industry Graduate Student Association
Beta Psi Chapter of Gamma Theta Upsilon (International Geographical Honor Society)
Biology Graduate Student Association
Civil Engineering Graduate Student Council
College of Veterinary Medicine Graduate Student Organization
Education Graduate Student Organization
Graduate Nuclear or Mechanical Engineering Students (GNOMES)
Graduate Students in Agricultural Economics (GSAE)
Grain Science Graduate Student Organization
Higher Education Student Association (HESA)
Hospitality Management Graduate Student Club
Horticulture and Natural Resources Graduate Organization
Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences
Master of Business Administration Graduate Student Association
Meat Science Association
Nepalese Student Association
Organization of Political Science, Public Administration, and Security Studies
Plant Pathology Graduate Student Club
Popenoe Entomology Club
Sociology Graduate Student Association
Student Chapter American Society of Landscape Architects

Find more organizations on K-State's Center for Student Involvement website.