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Graduate School

kseniya chumachenkoKseniya Chumachenko

Hometown: Urbana, Illinois

Undergraduate Institution: Kansas State University

Graduate Program: MS in Plant Pathology

Hobbies/Interests: Playing piano, photography, painting, and hiking in the Flint Hills and national parks
I also speak Ukrainian and enjoy meeting fellow Ukrainians! 

Why I chose K-State: I had a very positive experience during my biology undergraduate program, and the Plant Pathology department here is one of the best in the country. It has diverse labs that focus on many different types of plant hosts and diseases. I was able to choose a great lab that reflected my major interests. Overall, K-State has a great atmosphere and the school has always cared about its students and provides us with great opportunities. I've had very supportive, helpful, and inspiring advisers and professors.

Organizations/Student Groups: KAWSE, plant pathology graduate student club

Email me: chumache@ksu.edu