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Graduate School

Jennifer BrownJennifer Brown

Hometown Shelbyville, Indiana

Undergraduate University of Mount Union

Program Ph.D. Curriculum and Instruction

Hobbies/Interests Reading, cooking, dramatic arts, bingeing on documentaries, and being with my family

Why did you choose K-State? I had the great privilege of serving as a cooperating teacher for K-State Block A, B, & C practicum students when I was in the classroom. Not only were they great people, they were well-prepared and knowledgeable. I heard K-State was an amazing school for teaching and the students proved it to be true. This made K-State my first choice. I also received a graduate teaching assistantship, which provides the fantastic opportunity to continue teaching while I am also a student. 

Organizations/Student Groups Graduate Student Council, Phi Delta Kappa, Kansas Reading Association, Student Governing Association 

Email me: jsbrown@ksu.edu