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Graduate School

Academic Year Programs


  • Undergraduate Learning Farm Assistantship. Students are hired as undergraduate research assistants and work directly with faculty on projects on the new K-State Agronomy Learning Farm. For more information, please contact Dr. Anita Dille. Position open for application.


  • Undergraduate Research Assistants. Individual faculty members encourage undergraduates to pursue research projects in their own laboratories and support this with their own research grants. Please contact individual professors. You can check out the biochemistry research areas.

Biological and Agricultural Engineering

  • Undergraduate Research Assistants. About 20 undergraduates are hired by faculty, both during the summer and during the school year. These students help with the faculty's ongoing research projects. Please contact individual professors.

Biological and Biomedical Sciences

  • Cancer Research Awards. The program is highly competitive, providing undergraduates the opportunity to learn about cancer, the scientific method, technical approaches, and the critical analysis of results. The student participates as part of the research team. Each student receives a $1000 award and each faculty member receives a $1000 award to assist the project. Deadline: October of each academic year.

  • Kansas Idea Networks of Biomedical Research Excellence (K-INBRE). The K-INBRE program funds undergraduate students to do research in biomedical research.  The  Summer/Semester program funds undergraduate students in any year of study (Fr-Sr).   We also fund “regular” K-INBRE scholars who are generally identified in their freshman year and are funded for their sophomore and junior years with scholarships.  Students commit at least 450 hrs in the lab per year.  Contact Dr. Stephen K. Chapes for more information.

  • Kansas Lipidomics Research Center. Students are given guided individual research projects that focus on non-water-soluble metabolites and the relation to the function of genes and their proteins.  Academic credit for research involvement is also available if the student chooses this option. There are no set deadlines for application. For details, please contact Dr. Ruth Welti.
  • NSF Undergraduate Mentoring in Environmental Biology. This scholarship program is designed to encourage Native American undergraduates to become involved in environmental biology research. No deadlines for application. For more information, please contact Dr. Larry Erickson.
  • SEEDS Undergraduate Research Fellowship. The Ecological Society of America's SEEDS Undergraduate Research Fellowship application deadline has been extended to October 1. The SEEDS program promotes ecology opportunities to students that are underrepresented in the profession.  Don't miss this unique opportunity to customize your ecology research experience. The possibilities with the SEEDS fellowship are unparalleled, with awardees having almost the entire ESA membership, 10,000 strong, to choose from as mentors. Fellowship students essentially conduct a mini thesis from writing a proposal, to conducting their research and analyzing results, to presenting at the ESA meeting. The fellowship stipend is $6,000, plus all research expenses, plus travel to two ESA meetings and a leadership meeting making the total award over $12,000. The SEEDS fellowship is the highest honor in the SEEDS program, and fellows are encouraged as
    future leaders of ESA.

Family Studies and Human Services

  • Trauma Research, Education, and Consultation at K-State (TRECK) Team. The TRECK Team is a recognized student organization that focuses on developing research programs, providing education, and clinical consultation about issues related to trauma and traumatic stress. TRECK team members can enroll in an independent study course and are required to complete 20 research hours per course credit. Members have generally been involved in transcribing interviews, library work, and qualitative data analysis. One year commitment to the project required. The TRECK Team meets approximately 2 times per month. There are no deadlines for application. Please contact Dr. Briana Nelson Goff for more information.



  • I-CenterThe Center for the Integration of Undergraduate, Graduate and Postdoctoral Research (I-Center) was established in the fall of 2006 to promote and advance an integrated approach to undergraduate and graduate research in the Mathematics Department at KSU. To further these ends, the I-Center fosters groups of undergraduate and graduate students, postdocs, and faculty jointly working on cutting edge problems in applied mathematics, pure mathematics and interdisciplinary areas. In the preferred model, senior faculty help postdoctoral fellows develop research projects suitable for undergraduate and show them techniques for engaging undergraduates in mathematical research. Faculty and postdoctoral fellows interact with graduate students, both mentoring their research and involving the graduate students in the undergraduate research mentoring process.

Plant Pathology

  • Undergraduate Research Assistant. About 50 to 60 undergraduates are hired yearly by individual faculty members as research or lab assistants. Please contact individual professors. You can look at their research focus.


  • Undergraduate Research Assistant. Students are encouraged to work with faculty on ongoing research activities. Students then make formal presentations of research findings at the Annual Psychology Undergraduate Research Convocation at the end of the spring semester. Please contact individual professors. You can look at their research focus.


  • Developing Scholars Program (DSP). Historically under-represented undergraduate students (students of  color  and  first  generation  students) are chosen to work as research assistants for KSU Faculty engaged in scholarly activities. The program is designed to provide academic, social, and financial support to students during their academic pursuits  at  Kansas  State  University. Deadline: May of each academic year (subject to change, please confirm with the website for updated deadlines).
  • McNair Scholars Program is a comprehensive program structured to prepare undergraduates for successful careers as graduate students, professors, and professional researchers.  McNair Scholars are from socio-economic groups which are under-represented in graduate programs and college faculties across the country.  Deadline: September of each academic year (subject to change, please confirm with the website for updated deadlines).