Stephanie Wacker

112 Eisenhower Hall

Degree Analyst

  • Provides degree progress support to graduate students, faculty, and staff for programs in
    - College of Education
    - College of Health and Human Sciences
  • Processes the following for programs listed above
    - Programs of study
    - Program/Committee change form
    - Request for preliminary exam ballot
    - Preliminary examination ballot
    - Approval to schedule final examination form
    - Final examination ballot
    - ETDR ballot
    - Final degree checks for graduating students

Stephanie joined the Graduate School team as a degree analyst in 2017. She completed her bachelor's and master's degrees in business administration at K-State in 2015 and 2016, respectively. Manhattan is Stephanie's hometown. During her free time, she enjoys powerlifting, reading, listening to podcasts, and going on walks with her one-eyed Chihuahua, Mike Wazowski.