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Global Food Systems

Global Food Systems
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Agricultural Communications and Journalism Degree

The ACJ program is a nationally known undergraduate program that allows students to combine a passion for agriculture or environmental issues with enhanced communications and journalism skills.

Agricultural Education Degree

Agricultural Education is a major with diverse opportunities that often provide students with job opportunities even before graduation.

Agricultural Education and Communications Master’s Program

The master’s program offers the opportunity for professionals in the area to broaden their knowledge through both distance learning and on-campus work.

Entomology Graduate Program

This internationally recognized graduate program is based in these core areas of research: fundamental insect science, safe and sustainable food production, food safety, public and animal health, and environmental stewardship.

Food Science Master’s Degree

The master’s degree program provides research opportunities in the field of food science. Research emphases include food chemistry, food microbiology, food safety, sensory analysis, food processing, and food engineering. The program also provides opportunities to work with several food commodities including cereal; dairy; meats and poultry; fruits and vegetables.

Food Science PhD Degree Program

The doctoral program provides a variety of research opportunities in the field of food science. Research emphases include food chemistry, food microbiology, food safety, sensory analysis, food processing, and food engineering.

Food Science Undergraduate Program

K-State’s undergraduate food science and industry program is certified by the Institute of Food Technologists. Students may choose between the science or business options.

Frontier Interdisciplinary Experience Program

This is an interdisciplinary program for the historical studies of border security, food security and trade policy. The program, part of Food Safety and Security at Kansas State University, involves researchers from K-State and New Mexico State.

Grain Science and Industry Graduate Program

This department has an internationally recognized graduate program, with study offered in applied and basic research.

Grain Science and Industry Undergraduate Program

This is the only program in the nation that offers highly-demanded degrees in Bakery Science and Management, Feed Science and Management, and Milling Science and Management.

Horticulture Food Crops Undergraduate Program

This program offers seven horticulture areas of specialization: fruit and vegetable production, greenhouse and nursery management, horticulture science, landscape design, landscape management, sport turf operations management and golf course management.

Hospitality Management and Dietetics Graduate Program

This nationally and internationally recognized program allows students to tailor a graduate experience which meets their personal and professional goals.

Hospitality Management and Dietetics Undergraduate Program

Students may enroll in the coordinated program in dietetics, which includes a supervised practice component, or the bachelor's degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management.

Human Nutrition Graduate Program

The department offers graduate degrees in human nutrition, as well as public health nutrition, food science, nutritional sciences, public health physical activity and sensory analysis and consumer behavior.

Human Nutrition Undergraduate Program

The department offers bachelor's degree programs in athletic training, nutritional sciences, nutrition and health and nutrition and kinesiology.

Master of Agribusiness Program

This distance education graduate degree program focuses on food, animal health and agribusiness management. The program is delivered executive style to working professionals that range in age from 25 to 55 and work in every sector of the industry.

Master of Public Health Program

This interdisciplinary program is designed to prepare individuals to better address health issues on local, state, national and international levels.

Meat Science Research and Teaching Program

The meat science research and teaching program at Kansas State University includes such areas as meat science, livestock and meat evaluation, meat selection and grading, meat animal processing, processed meats, food microbiology, HACCP, quality assurance and other related areas. Students that graduate with an emphasis in meat science have a diverse job market to choose from.

Urban Food Systems Graduate Program

This program is a specialization under the Master of Science in horticulture program. The aim of the program is to study the potential that an urban food system has in community building and economic development, educating youth and others about nutrition and wise food choices, and providing a source of nutritious food grown locally or regionally with the participation of urban residents.