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Geographic Information Systems Spatial Analysis Laboratory



164A Seaton Hall
920 N. 17th Street
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506-2904

Phone: 785-532-6727
Fax: 785-532-7310
Email: gissal@k-state.edu

GIS and Database Technical Services

estcp_gullyGISSAL provides GIS and database technical services to the Kansas Forest Service to assist them in accomplishing their mission in the State of Kansas.  The Memorandum of Agreement signed between the Kansas Forest Service, Kansas State University, and GISSAL provides funding for a full-time unclassified professional GIS specialist who is responsible for:

  • Leading local technical activities related to the U.S. Forest Service's WebDET/WinDET system to make it operational in Kansas to support reporting and forest plan development.
  • Assist with revisions/updates to the Kansas Forest Action Plan as needed.
  • Assist with revisions/updates of KFRAS (now called the Kansas Forest Action Plan) as needed.
  • Integrate KFRAS into NRCS EQIP ranking system.
  • Provide GIS assistance with the Forest Legacy Program as needed to initiate start up project.
  • Develop good working relationships with state forestry GIS specialists in Colorado, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Missouri to integrate successful GIS methods and data sources into Kansas and foster multi-state grant initiatives.
  • Provide maps upon request for annual reports and other purposes.
  • Develop GIS databases for the Fire Program for red cedar encroachment, fire risk, fire occurrence, and smoke management.
  • Provide GIS overview for CTAP project, Smoky Hill Region Windbreak Assessment, and Delaware River, Tuttle Creek and Spring River riparian forestry assessments.
  • Create map of Tree Farms and sawmills.
  • Assist with final report for windbreak assessment in Coronado Crossing RC & D.