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USDA-APHIS Pest Spread Model

The USDA APHIS Pest Spread Model is a tool for APHIS emergency responders and risk assessors, as well as State cooperators in the Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey (CAPS) program.  Access is restricted to persons who have been authorized to use the application.  The most recent version of the Web application requires users to install the Microsoft Silverlight browser plug-in.

APHIS employees who would like access to this application should email the Pest Spread Model Administrator using the Contact Administrator link on the left.  If you are a State cooperator, please contact an APHIS sponsor for access approval.  Sponsors can include the State Plant Health Directors (SPHD), State Plant Regulatory Officer, CPHST Laboratory Directors, or contacts within Plant Protection and Quarantine, including the Emergency and Domestic Programs branch.  Click here to identify the SPHD for your state or use the link on the left.