Saugata Datta

PhD: Earth Sciences, University of Western Ontario, Canada: 2001

Mellon-Barnard & Columbia Earth Institute Fellow, Columbia University, New York: 2004



Welcome to the Datta Lab!

We are hydrogeologists and low temperature geochemists working on environmental sustainability

Professor, Kansas State University

Chemical Hydrogeology and Environmental Geochemistry

Current: Visiting Chair: Michel T Halbouty Visiting Chair at Texas A and M University, 2017-2018


Department of Geology

Kansas State University

104 Thompson Hall, Manhattan, Kansas, 66506

Phn: (785) 532-6724

Fax: (785) 532-5159


Prior Appointments:

Assistant Professor

Department of Biological & Environmental Sciences,

Georgia College & State University, Georgia (2004-2008)

Reader, University of Calcutta

Department of Geology, India (2005-2006)

Congratulations Erik, Michelle, Ian, Colleen - Defended Masters May, Nov 2017

In Sabbatical 2017-2018: Michel T Halbouty Visiting Chair at Texas A and M - Geology and Geophysics


Opportunity Post Doctoral Fellow (Hiring from 2018 August). Advertisement as Follows. [Advertisement_PostDoctoralFellow.pdf]

Recent Presentations from the Group

Goldschmidt Conference presentations  2013 - Golam Kibria / Saugata Datta [Florence, Italy] (click for abstracts)

GSA presentations 2013  - Brent Campbell, Michael Vega, Austin Krehel, Shovon Barua, Golam Kibria [Denver, CO]

AGU presentations 2013 - Brent Campbell, Golam Kibria [San Francisco, CA]

ICOBTE presentation 2013 - Chad Hobson [Athens, Georgia] (scroll down on PDF abstracts)

MEDGEO presentation 2013 - Austin Krehel [Arlington, VA]

Goldschmidt Conference 2014 - Golam Kibria, Shovon Barua, Austin Krehel, Saugata Datta, Chad Hobson [Sacramento, CA]

Arsenic Congress 2014 - Golam Kibria, Saugata Datta [Buenos Aires, Argentina]

GSA 2014 - Austin Krehel, Brent Campbell, Saugata Datta, Cooper Yerby [Vancouver, Canada]

Midwest Groundwater Conference 2014 - Sam Stone (Lawrence-University of Kansas)

AGU presentations  2014 - Cooper Yerby and Shovon Barua [San Francisco, CA]

South Central GSA 2014 - Chance Reece [Stillwater, Oklahoma]

Natural Resource and Environmental Sciences - Metals and Metalloids in Environment 2015 - Saugata Datta [KState]

International Applied Geochemistry Symposium 2015 - Saugata Datta [Tucson Arizona]

Kansas Citizens of Science-KSU Chapter Sigma Xi 2015- Saugata Datta [Manhattan, KS]

Goldschmidt Conference 2015- Saugata Datta, Jamie HarringtonMichael Vega, Ningfang Yang

GSA 2015 - Saugata Datta, Peter Knappett, Numa Sosa, Katie Garth

AGU 2015 - Saugata Datta, Numa Sosa

Goldschmidt 2016 - MIchelle Berube, Kaho Nakoyama

EGU 2016 - Peter Knappett

Arsenic 2016 Congress - Saugata Datta

GSA 2016 - 15 abstracts [Denver]

AGU 2016 - 4 abstracts -  Kulkarni, Ryan, Sosa and VeroSession Convenor -B019 [San Francisco]

Goldschmidt 2017- 2 abstracts - Andree and Sosa [Paris]

MEDGEO 2017 - 1 abstract -Datta and Sosa [Moscow]

GSA 2017 - Patton, Galinskaya, Vaughn, Shepherd, Datta and Mondal, Jewell, Knappett [Seattle]

AGU 2017- Andree, Berube, Majumder, Johannesson [New Orleans]

SouthCentral and North Central GSA 2018 - Shepherd, Gura [Little Rock, 12-13 Mar, ’18; Ames, Iowa, 16-17 Apr ’18]

Goldschmidt Conference 2018 - Shepherd, Majumder [Boston, Aug 2018]

ASABE 2018 - Coming Soon [Detroit, July 30’18]

Arsenic Congress 2018- Beijing, Keynote Address [Beijing, July 2018]

Recent News published from the Lab

News KState Today - NASA - BRAILLE Funding News - (coming soon, Mar 2018)

Departmental NewsLetter Sep 2017 [Highlights of Datta Lab research]

Manganese in Drinking Waters -- Story on K-State Today -Frontiers Paper Cited, June 2017

Manhattan Mercury Releases Manganese Story, June 27 2017

Vogue Magazine- Conditions of Tap Waters in US and Fashion and Health. Feb 2016. Story as Published on Vogue Online

Kansas State University - RockStarsSpread.pdf   SEEK MAGAZINE WINTER 2016

KTVL News 10, Lava Bed National Monument: May 2015. Story 1  and Story 2 : Life on Mars and Lava Beds on Earth

CO2 Story

Tungsten StoryTungsten-Chemical Geology, KState, Oct 2013 ;   The Conversation, UK, Nov 2013;   Science Daily News

Manganese in Airborne Particulate Matter Story

Brownfield Action


NSF Highlights June 2013; NSF Hydrology News; Nature News

Arsenic and Pond Story ; Science Daily- Arsenic and Women; Zee News

Nitrate Study at KState, Aug 2013 ; Nitrate Story by Environmental Monitor, Sep 2013 

NewsWise Nitrate Story Followup Spring 2014

Undergraduate Student Mike Vega in news, Spring 2015

High School Student in news, Spring 2015. Cooper Yerby.pdf

Affiliations in University

Urban Water Institute - Faculty Advisory Council; Urban Water Institute Research

Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences Secondary Major- ReElected to Governing Board. May 2017, NRES Gov Board

Sigma Xi, President-Elect 2017, President 2018, Executive Board, Kansas State University (KState Chapter of Sigma Xi)

Affiliation with Geological Society of America

Chair - Division of Geology and Health, Geological Society of America 2017-2019



EAR - 1014971: Collaborative Research: Chemical Hydrogeologic Investigations of Tungsten: Field, Laboratory, and Modeling Studies of an Emerging Environmental Contaminant. Project location: Kansas State University, National Science Foundation, Hydrologic Sciences Program

NASA PSTAR [Planetary Science and Technology Through Analog Research] 16-PSTAR16_2_0015: Biologic and Resource Analog Investigations in Low Light Environments (BRAILLE) NNH16ZDA001N- 3 year Proposal Funded 2017 (August)-2020, Collaboration with NASA AMES, Northwestern U, Desert Research Institute, New Mex Tech--More news coming soon!

T3 TAMU Grant: Using Pb Isotopes in Delineating Sources of Childrens Blood Pb: Collaborators from Geology and Geophysics and Public Health at TAMU - Mar 2018

DE-FE0002056: Modeling Carbon Dioxide Sequestration in Saline Aquifer & Depleted Oil Reservoir, Project Location: Kansas State University, U.S. DOE / NETL

DE-FE0002056: Supplementary: Modeling Carbon Dioxide Sequestration in Saline Aquifer & Depleted Oil Reservoir-Western Annex, Project Location: Kansas State University, U.S. DOE / NETL

DE-FE0006821: Small Scale Field Test Demonstrating CO2 Sequestration, Project Location: Kansas State University, U.S. DOE / NETL- Masters Project  for two years long : starting Jan-Feb 2015

DE-FE0004566: Prototyping and testing a new volumetric curvature tool to model reservoir compartments and leakage pathways in Arbuckle saline aquifer to reduce uncertainty in CO2 storage and permanence, U.S. DOE / NETL

Pariette Wetlands Salinity / Selenium Study: Project Location: Kansas State University, Bureau of Land Management, Utah

Forest Shepherd  - Arts and Science Travel Award-Mexico, 2017

Michelle Berube, Ian Andree: successful in ASBOG test, 2017

Karina Galinskaya - 2017 Geological Society of America Graduate Student Research Grant

                                2017 Graduate Council Travel Award

Tyler Vaughn - 2017 Kansas Geological Foundation Research Scholarship

Katie Garth - 2016 Geological Society of America Graduate Student Research Grant

Colleen Gura - 2016 Kansas State University Graduate Research Forum-Engineering and Physical Sciences Division-  2 nd

Michelle Berube - 2016 Kansas State University Graduate Research Forum-Engineering and Physical Sciences Division- 3 rd

Ian Andree -  2016 Kansas Geological Foundation Scholarship- Norma and Bill Johnson Scholarship (Jan25)

                      2016 Geological Society of America Graduate Student Research Grant

Brooks Ryan - 2016 Arts and Science Undergraduate Research Award

                        2016 Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Inquiry Award

Samuel Stone - 2015 Arts and Sciences Travel Award, Synchrotron at SSRL

Shovon Barua - 2014 Geological Society of America Research Award

                          2014 KState Arts and Science Travel Award

                          Congrats Shovon! Successful Defense Presentation, 3 Aug 2015

Brent Campbell - 2014 American Association of Petroleum Geologists Foundation Grants-in-Aid Program-

                            Barrett Family Named Grant (Grants-in Aid Page)

                            2014 Kansas Geological Foundation

                            Congrats Brent! Great Defense Presentation, 15 Apr 2015

Golam Kibria, Shovon Barua and Brent Campbell  -  KState Arts and Sciences Travel Funds, Oct 2013

Shovon Barua -  Travel Grant to GSA Meeting, KState Graduate Council, 2013

Golam Kibria -    Congratulations in Defending MSc (Aug 2014)

                           Travel Grant to GSA, Kansas State University Graduate Student Council, 2013

                           Travel Grant to GSA Meeting, Graduate Student Council, 2012

                           Geological Society of America, Graduate Research Grant, 2013

                           NSLS/CFN Users Meeting Student Scholarship, 2013

Mike Vega -        Arts and Science Undergraduate Research Award Fall 2013 (CO2 Project)

                           Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Research Award  and Travel Award to India Fall 2014 (India Project)

                           Sigma Xi  Grant in Aid for Research Fall 2014 (India Project)

                           Summer 2015 Office of Undergraduate Research & Creative Inquiry Travel Award


Chad Hobson -    3rd position at 17th Annual K-State Research Forum in the Division of Graduate Engineering/Math/Physical

                            Sciences, 2012

                            Travel Grant to Goldschmidt Conference, Montreal Canada, 2012

                            Travel Grant to AGU, Kansas State University Graduate Student Council, 2012

Sophia Ford -     Undergraduate intern - KSU nomination for Morris K. Udall Scholarship, 2012

                            Kansas Research Forum 2nd Position in Undergraduate Poster Competition, 2013

Robin Barker -    1st position for poster presentation  at AAPG/SEG Spring Break Student Expo. Judged among 47     

                             posters in the Geology Section,  2012

                             National Energy Technology Laboratory- DOE, Pittsburgh, Summer Internship 2011

                             GSA Travel Grant 2011

                             Congrats for defending Masters Thesis, successfully - Nov 2012

M.S. Sankar -     3rd Position at the 18th Annual Kansas State Research Forum, Interdisciplinary Division, 2013

                            Congrats for defending Masters Thesis, successfully - Jul 2013

O.C. Eke -          Currently at USDA Forest Services. Congrats for defending Masters Thesis, successfully - Aug 2011