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Department of Geology

Karin Goldberg

Ph.D., University of Chicago

Email: kgoldberg@k-state.edu

Karin joined the Department of Geology in the fall of 2016, coming from the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil. She is teaching our undergraduate courses in historical geology, sedimentology-stratigraphy, and advanced courses in sedimentary petrology, and paleoclimatology. Her main research interests are focused on petroleum geology (sedimentology, diagenesis and prediction of reservoir quality) and deep-time paleoclimatology. Her research is highly field-oriented, either in outcrop- or core-based projects, integrating different analytical methods (petrology, paleontology, and geochemistry) in different scales to address a variety of geological issues in sedimentary geology.

More information about Karin's research publications is available here.

More information is available on Karin's personal website.

Karin Goldberg