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Department of Geology

2018Congratulations to: 
 Luke Rijfkogel, KayLeigh Rogers, Ganiyat Shodunke, Rhowe Stefanski, Breanna WatermanCongratulations to Luke, KayLeigh, Ganiyat, Rhowe, and Breanna who received Spring 2019 Kansas Geological Foundation Scholarships for Spring 2019.
 Dr. Karin GoldbergReceies a grant from the American Chemical Socitety's Petroleum Research Fund to study the enrironmental conditions on accumulation of organic matter in mudstones, using the Woodford/Chattanooga Shale in Kansas as a Natural laboratory.
 Nina Ataee & Patrick ManselleCongrats to Nina and Pat who received the A&S Research Travel Award.
 Luke RijfkogelLuke received an SEG travel Grant to attend the SEG/Exxon Mobil Student Education Program in Anaheim California.
 KayLeigh RogersKayLeigh received a Kansas Geological Foundation Grant to support her research.
  KayLeigh Rogers Congrats to KayLeigh to received an American Federation of Mineralogical Societies Scholarship Foundation (AFMS).
 Victoria FitzgeraldVictoria has been invited to attend the 2018 Catalyzing Advocacy for Science and Engineering (CASE) Workshop taking place in Washington, DC on March 18-21, 2018.
 Sarah LammCongrats to Sarah who received the Arts and Science Research Travel Award.
 Nina Ataee, Trevor Spencer, Christina Richardson, Mikaela Rader & Ryan KeastCongrats to Nina, Trevor,Christina, Mikalea and Ryan who received KGF scholarship.
2017Congratulations to: 
 Mikaela RaderCongrats to Mikaela, who won the National Association of Geoscience Teachers Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award.
 Dr. Sabreen GadDr. Gad received Global Campus funding ( $10,640) for development of GEOL 315 "Geology of the National Parks" as an online course.
  Nina Ataee & Victoria FitzgeraldNina and Victoria received the KSU A&S Graduate Student Research Award.
  Karina Galinskaya, Victoria Fitzgerald and Nina AtaeeKarina, Victoria and Nina got the Graduate  Student Council Travel Award to facilitate travel to a conference. 
 Victoria Fitzgerald Congrats to Victoria, who receives a Graduate Student Council Travel Award of for her trip to the 15th International Conference for Luminescence and Electron Spin Resonance Dating in September.  
 Dr. Aida FaroughDr. Farough received ($5,000) in funding for development of GEOL 103 "Geology Laboratory" as an Open/Alternative textbook course.
 Dr. Sabreen GadDr. Gad received Global Campus funding ( $8,794) for development of GEOL 115 "Environmental Geology" as an online course. 
 Dr. Aida FaroughDr. Farough was selected to receive an Academic Advising Summer Institute Scholarship by NACADA, the Global Community for Academic Advising. The Institutes will be held in June 18-23, 2017 in Daytona Beach, FL. Dr. Farough's participation in the Institute will not only help geology majors succeed, it also enables her to better serve KSU and NACADA. 
 Chris WiermanCongrats to Chris who was awarded a Society of Economic Geologists Student Research Grant to help support his research on Cu behavior in flood basalts and implications for ore deposits.
 Victoria FitzgeraldCongratulations to Victoria who received the AAUW Career Development Grant.
 Mikaela RaderContratulations to Mikaela for winning the Arts and Sciences Summer 2017 Research Sholarship.
 Alexandria Richard, Karina Galinskaya and Chris WiermanCongratulations to Allie, Karina, and Chris who received the Geological Society of America Graduate Research Award.
 William Hagood, Mikaela Rader and Tyler VaughnCongratulations to William, Mikaela and Tyler who received the Kansas Geological Foundation Scholarship.
 Taylor Crawford & Allison WalkerCongratulations to Taylor and Allison who have been nominated to Phi Beta Kappa.
 Victoria FitzgeraldCongratulations to Victoria Fitzgerald who has been awarded a highly prestigious National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship to support her research on the timing of Lake Bonnevile Megalake regression.
 Ganiyat ShodunkeGaniyat Shodunke received an award from the Association of Earth Science Clubs of Greater Kansas City! Congrats!
 Adam Lane, Sarah Lamm, Ryan Keast & Victoria FitzgeraldEach student received a generous scholarship from the Kansas Geological Foundation! Congrats!
 Dr. Aida FaroughAida Farough received a professional development grant from the University Advising Committee. Congrats! https://www.k-state.edu/today/announcement.php?id=32505
 2016Congratulations to: 
 Ben Haller and Sarah LammBen and Sarah received an A&S undergraduate research award through the College of Arts and Sciences.
 Department of GeologyDuring the Society of Eploration Geophysicists (SEG) annual meeting in Dallas this year (October 16-21, 2016), the K-State Geology SEG Chapter received Ridge Level status, in recognition of our geophysical activities and contributions in the area of exploration seismology. More details about this bump in our status are available on the department's home page.
 Adam LaneAdam received the prestigeous O.R. Grawe award from the Association of Missouri Geologists! The honor is awarded annually to outstanding upperclassmen in geology in the state of Missouri. We are thankful he decided to move west for graduate school! More details about his award are here: http://www.missourigeologists.org/Grawe.htm
 Jacob Clayton, Austin Noll and Kyle MarquartEach student received a generous scholarship from the Kansas Geological Foundation! Congrats!
 Ian Andree, Katie Garth, and Grant ZweifelhoferEach student received GSA Graduate Research Awards from Council of Geological Society of America, a highly competitive student research grant program!
 Colleen Gura and Michelle BerubeEach student received an award for their presentations in the K-State GRAD Forum! Outstanding!
 Austin Krehel, Morgan Richardson, Anthony Lueck, Aria Linares, Chance Reece, and Josh RennakerThe students, led by Drs. Raef and Totten, took third place at the 2016 AAPG Imperial Barrel competition! Well done!
 Anna MaynardAnna received a scholarship from the Geological Society of Nevada!
 Brooks RyanBrooks received a K-State Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Inquiry award to support his research!
 Carmen Amos, Ian Andree, and Chance ReeceEach student received scholarships for graduate research from the Kansas Geological Foundation!