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Department of Geography and Geospatial Sciences

Graduate Student Thesis and Dissertation Titles

An asterisk (*) next to a student name indicates the publication is a doctoral dissertation.  The Ph.D. in Geography at K-State was approved in 1996, with the first graduates in 2000.  The Master's degree in Geography was approved in 1958, with the first graduate in 1961.

2022*Onuoha, Hilda.  "Time Series Analysis of Long-Term Vegetation Trends, Phenology, and Ecosystem Service Valuation for Grasslands in the U.S. Great Plains."  (Dr. Shawn Hutchinson)
2021*Chatterjee, Subarna.  "Decreasing Climate Change Vulnerability through Adaptation with Special Reference to Migration:  A Study in the Indian Sundarbans."  (Dr. Max Lu)
 Garcia, Devon.  "Development of Image Classification Toolkit for Remote Sensing in Google Earth Engine."  (Dr. Douglas Goodin)
 *Luo, Dong.  "Using Remote Sensing and Machine Learning to Evaluate the Interaction between Agricultural Expansion and the Environment: A Study of the Brazilian Cerrado."  (Dr. Marcellus Caldas)
 Walker, Hayden.  "Detection of Insect-induced Defoliation in Soybeans with Deep Learning and Object Detection."  (Dr. Douglas Goodin)
 Watson, Jordan T.  "Developing and Evaluating a Method to Disaggregate Legacy SSURGO Soil Maps."  (Dr. Arnaud Temme)
2020Marcotte, Abbey L.  "Investigating Rates and Mechanisms of Lateral Erosion in a Small Bedrock River using Erosion Pins, Structure-from-Motion Photogrammetry, and Optically Stimulated Luminescence Dating:  Konza Prairie, Northeast Kansas."  (Dr. Abigail L. Langston)
 Molloy, Michael.  "Adaptation to Coastal Environmental Change in Louisiana:  An Analysis of Local and State Environmental Governance Relationships."  (Dr. Audrey Joslin)
 *Ramekar, Avantika A.  "Living with Oil and Natural Gas:  A Risk Perception Study Among Adults in Kansas and Oklahoma."  (Dr. Lisa M.B. Harrington and Dr. Audrey Joslin)
 *Weihs, Brandon.  "Selected Research on Woody Encroachment, Glacial Cross-Valley Profiles, and Mass-Movement Disturbance Regime Landscapes."  (Dr. Douglas Goodin)
 *Yao, Fangfang.  "Global Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Inland Water Body Storage during the Satellite Altimetry Era."  (Dr. Jida Wang)
2019*Anderson, Christina.  "Resettlement and Adjustment of Bhutanese Refugees in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area."  (Dr. Max Lu and Dr. Jeffrey S. Smith)
 Ding, Meng.  "An Improved Geography of Surface Water Abundance in Lakes and Reservoirs."  (Dr. Jida Wang)
 Chileen, Barrie.  "Vegetation Response to Wildfire and Climate Forcing in a Rocky Mountain Lodgepole Pine Forest over the Past 2,500 Years."  (Dr. Kendra McLauchlan)
 Rogers, John.  "The Contemporary Scottish Gaelic Linguistic and Cultural Landscape."  (Dr. Jeffrey S. Smith)
2018*Alghamdi, Ali Saeed Arifi.  "Climatology of Warm Season Heat Waves in Saudi Arabia:  A Time-Sensitive Approach."  (Dr. John A. Harrington, Jr.)
 Bauer, Karl F.  "Free Land Programs Revisited:  A Case Study of Four Kansas Communities." (Dr. Max Lu)
 Fischer, Amariah J.  "Developing and Evaluating a Geographic Information Dashboard to Improve Spatial Task Performance."  (Dr. Shawn Hutchinson)
 *Larsen, Thomas.  "Developing a Human-Environment Timeline:  A Chronology of Ideas and Events for the Anthropocene."  (Dr. John A. Harrington, Jr.)
 *Ling, Bohua.  "Remote Sensing of Vegetation Characteristics and Spatial Analysis of Pyric Herbivory in a Tallgrass Prairie."  (Dr. Douglas Goodin)
 *Mehl, Heidi.  "Understanding Stream Incision, Riparian Function, and Indigenous Knowledge to Evaluate Land Management on the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation." (Dr. Marcellus Caldas)
 Walter, Blake.  "An Enhanced Inventory of Global Dams and Reservoirs and their Contribution to Sea Level."  (Dr. Jida Wang)
2017Allen, Matthew.  "Stakeholder Perceptions of Flooding Issues in the Wildcat Creek Watershed."  (Dr. John A. Harrington, Jr.)
 Braget, Austin. "Time Series Analysis of Phenometrics and Long-Term Vegetation Trends for the Flint Hills Ecoregion using Moderate Resolution Satellite Imagery."  (Dr. Shawn Hutchinson)
 Braget, Mitchell.  "A Novel Approach to Mapping Floodplain Extent in the Chobe River Basin from 2014 to 2016 using a Training Library".  (Dr. Douglas Goodin)
 Brooks, Matthew.  "Countering Depopulation in Kansas:  Understanding Perceptions of Rural Life and the Effectiveness of the Rural Opportunity Zone Program."  (Dr. Max Lu)
 Bryant, Johnny.  "The Use of Remotely Sensed LIDAR and Multispectral Imagery for Modeling Eastern Redcedar Biomass within North Eastern Kansas."  (Drs. Douglas Goodin and Kevin Price)
 *Granco, Gabriel.  "Land Change Dynamics in the Brazilian Cerrado:  The Interaction of Biofuels, Markets, and Biodiversity."  (Dr. Marcellus Caldas)
 Luo, Lei.  "Proposing an Improved Surface Dryness Index to Estimate Soil Moisture Based on the Temperature Vegetation Dryness Index."  (Dr. Douglas Goodin)
 *Marston, Bryce.  "Influence of the Mountain Pine Beetle Disturbance on Large Wood Dynamics and Channel Morphology in Mountain Streams." (Dr. Charles W. Martin)
 Mellicant, Emily.  "Geochemical Signatures of Parent Materials and Lake Sediments in Northern Minnesota."  (Dr. Kendra McLauchlan)
 Safaee, Samira.  "Developing Global Dataset of Salt Pans and Salt Playas using Landsat-8 Imagery:  A Case Study of Western North America."  (Dr. Jida Wang)
 *Thornburg, Gina.  "Who Benefits?:  The Intersection of Governance and Agency in Farmers' Engagement with the Oklahoma Farm to School Program." (Dr. Bimal Paul) 
2016Bloedel, Penny M.  "Characterizing and Mapping Sediment Erodibility of Tuttle Creek Lake in Northeast Kansas."  (Dr. Charles W. Martin)
 *Commerford, Julie L.  "Investigating North American Grassland Biogeography throughout the Holocene."  (Dr. Kendra McLauchlan)
 *Ghimire, Kabita.  "Geographic Distribution of Malaria in Nepal."  (Dr. Douglas Goodin)
 *Haddock, Brandon H.  "In Plain Sight:  The LGBT Community in the Kansas Flint Hills."  (Dr. Lisa M.B. Harrington)
 *Haghighattalab, Atena.  "High-Throughput Phenotyping of Large Wheat Breeding Nursuries using Unmanned Aerial System, Remote Sensing, and GIS Techniques."  (Drs. Douglas Goodin, Jesse Poland, and Kevin Price
 Jean, Christy R.  "Hydrological Transitions:  A Story of Kansas Watershed Districts."  (Dr. John A. Harrington, Jr.)
 Larsen, Thomas.  "Last Child on the Prairie:  Geo-Progressions, Mental Maps, and Community-based Sense of Place among Kansas Third Graders." (Dr. John A. Harrington, Jr.)
 *Smith, Travis. W.  "Place Images of the American West in Western Films."  (Dr. Kevin Blake and Dr. Jeffrey S. Smith)
 *Wetherholt, William A.  "Exploring Rootedness in the Very Rural Great Plains Counties of Kansas and Nebraska."  (Dr. Lisa M.B. Harrington)
 Williams, Danielle.  "Time Series Analysis of Vegetation Dynamics and Burn Scar Mapping at Smoky Hill Air National Guard Range, Kansas using Moderate Resolution Satellite Imagery."  (Dr. Shawn Hutchinson)
2015*Brien, Lynn.  "Modeling Eutrophication Vulnerability in Coastal Louisiana Wetlands Impacted by Freshwater Diversion:  A Remote Sensing Approach." (Dr. Kevin Price and Dr. Douglas Goodin)
 Briwa, Robert M.  "Experiencing Provence in the Regional Imagery of Peter Mayle and Pierre Magnan."  (Dr. Kevin Blake)
 Link, Tyler.  "Effects of Sugarcane Expansion on Development and Land Use and Land Cover Change (LULCC) in Brazil:  A Case Study in the State of Goias."  (Dr. Marcellus Caldas)
 *Munro, Benjamin.  "The Lost Innocence of Ethanol:  Power, Knowledge, Discourse, and U.S. Biofuel Policy."  (Dr. Lisa M.B. Harrington)
 *Pankl, Elisabeth.  "The Critical Geographies of Frida Kahlo." (Dr. Kevin Blake)
2014Anibas, Kyle.  "Land Cover, Land Use, and Habitat Change in Volyn, Ukraine:  1986-2011."  (Dr. Douglas Goodin)
 Burchfield, David R.  "Mapping Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus virginiana L.) and Quantifying its Biomass in Riley County, Kansas." (Dr. Kevin Price)
 *Grudzinski, Bartosz.  "Influence of Watershed Grazing Management on Stream Geomorphology in Grassland Headwater Streams."  (Dr. Melinda Daniels and Dr. Charles Martin)
 Kelly, Kyleen.  "Paleoecological Reconstruction of a Modern Whitebark Pine (Pinus albicaulis) Population in Grand Teton National Park, WY." (Dr. Kendra McLauchlan)
 McAlister, Jordan.  "The Cultural Significance of the Rural Great Plains County Seat:  A Case Study of Two Western Kansas Counties." (Dr. Jeffrey S. Smith)
 Pockrandt, Bryanna.  "A Multi-Year Comparison of Vegetation Phenology between Military Training Lands and Native Tallgrass Prairie using TIMESAT and Moderate-Resolution Satellite Imagery."  (Dr. Shawn Hutchinson)
 Roberts, Brianna.  "Geomorphic Function of Large Woody Debris within a Headwater Tallgrass Praire Stream Network."  (Dr. Melinda Daniels)
 *Ruffing, Claire M.  "Influence of Legacy Disturbance on Functional Connections between Geomorphology and Organic Matter Dynamics in Mountain Streams."  (Dr. Melinda Daniels and Dr. Kendra McLauchlan)
 Spencer, David.  "A Historical Record of Land Cover Change of the Lesser Prairie Chicken Range in Kansas."  (Dr. Melinda Daniels and Dr. Douglas Goodin)
 Wallace, Laura.  "Condit Dam Removal:  A Decision-Making Comparison with Removal of Elwha River Dams."  (Dr. Lisa M. B. Harrington)
2013Butler, William.  "Spatial Patterns and Impacts of Slope Failures in Five Canyons of the Teton Mountains, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming." (Dr. Richard A. Marston)
 *Costigan, Katie.  "Hydrology and Geomorphology of Select Great Plains Rivers."  (Dr. Melinda Daniels)
 Howard, Ian.  "A Synoptic Climatology of Nocturnal Rainfall Events during May, June, and July for Northeast Kansas."  (Dr. John A. Harrington, Jr.)
 Ling, Bohua.  "Estimates of Canopy Nitrogen Content in Hetergeneous Grasslands of Konza Prairie by Hyperspectral Remote Sensing."  (Dr. Douglas Goodin)
 Morris, Christopher.  "Analysis of Modern Pollen Data from the Prairies of Central North America."  (Dr. Kendra McLauchlan)
 Mueller, Joshua.  "The Relative Controls on Forest Fires and Fuel Source Fluctuations in the Holocene Deciduous Forests of Southern Wisconsin, USA."  (Dr. Kendra McLauchlan)
 *Reddy, Sumanth.  "Medical Tourism in India:  An Exploratory Study."  (Dr. Bimial K. Paul)
 Su, Lianling.  "Cross-Border Marriage Migration of Vietnamese Women to China."  (Dr. Max Lu)
2012*Aber, Jeremy A.  "Comparing the Dominant and Continuous Theoretical Frameworks of Spatial Microgenesis."  (Dr. Shawn Hutchinson)
 *Belz, Melissa M.  "Spirit of Place and the Evolution of the Vernacular House in Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh, India."  (Dr. Jeffrey S. Smith)
 *Bergstrom, Ryan D.  "Sustainable Development in Amenity-based Communities of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem."  (Dr. Lisa M.B. Harrington)
 *Gerike, Matthew J.  "Explorations in Historiographies of Geographical Knowledges."  (Dr. John A. Harrington, Jr.)
 Neufer, Savannah.  "Toward a Sustainable Heartland:  Contrasting Future Agricultural Scenarios in Kansas."  (Dr. John A. Harrington, Jr.)
 *Olstad, Tyra A.  "Zen of the Plains:  Discovering Space, Place, and Self."  (Dr. Kevin Blake)
 Wang, Chuyuan.  "Forest Fragementation in the Brazilian Amazon:  Evidence from Land Reform Settlements along the Transamazon Highway and in Southern Para."  (Dr. Marcellus Caldas)
 *Wells II, James E.  "Western Landscapes, Western Images:  A Rephotography of U.S. Highway 89."  (Dr. Kevin Blake)
2011Eddy, Zachary.  "Efficacy of Native Grassland Barriers at Limiting Prairie Dog Dispersal in Logan county, Kansas."  (Dr. Shawn Hutchinson)
 *Dutt, Sohini.  "Perceptions of HIV Risk and Preventive Measures among Female Students in Kolkata, India."  (Dr. Bimal K. Paul)
 Hook, Lisa.  "Identifying and Understanding the Historical Extent of Side Channels on the Missouri River."  (Dr. Melinda D. Daniels)
 *Mohler, Rhett L.  "Multi-scale Burned Area Mapping in Tallgrass Prairie using in SITU Spectrometry and Satellite Imagery."  (Dr. Douglas G. Goodin)
 Tabor, Lisa K.  "Using Geography to Help Teach History:  Dual-Encoding History Lesson Plans."  (Dr. John A. Harrington, Jr.)
 Sando, T. Roy.  "A Climatology of Air Pollution in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area."  (Dr. Douglas G. Goodin)
 *Stimers, Mitchel J.  "A Categorization Scheme for Understanding Tornado Events from the Human Perspective."  (Dr. Bimal K. Paul)
 Wilson, Iris E.  "Perceptions of Climate and Environmental Change in Northcentral Kansas."  (Dr. John A. Harrington, Jr.)
 Walterscheid, Steven.  "Climate Classification for the Earth's Oceanic Areas using the Köppen System."  (Dr. John A. Harrington, Jr.)
2010Cartlidge, Matthew.  "There's No Place like Home:  Place Attachment among the Elderly in Greensburg, Kansas."  (Dr. Jeffrey S. Smith)
 Commerford, Julie L.  "Calibrating Vegetation Cover and Pollen Assemblages in the Flint Hills of Kansas, U.S.A."  (Dr. Kendra McLauchlan)
 *Koch, David E.  "Landscape Epidemiology of Hantavirus in the Atlantic Forest of Paraguay."  (Dr. Douglas G. Goodin)
 Robichaux, Rex M.  "Correlating Climate with Late-Winter Wetland Habitat in the Rainwater Basin, South-Central Nebraska."  (Dr. John A. Harrington, Jr.)
 Sando, Linnea C.  "Landscape Imprints of Haying Technology in Eastern Idaho and Western Montana."  (Dr. Lisa M.B. Harrington)
 *Sowers, Jacob R.  "A Phenomenology of Place Identity for Wonder Valley, California:  Homesteads, Dystopics, and Utopics."  (Dr. Richard A. Marston and Dr. David R. Seamon)
 *Tinnon, Vicki L.  "Environmental Justice:  Health and Inequality in Mobile County, Alabama."  (Dr. Bimal K. Paul)
2009Abbott, Patrick K.  "Representations of Plains Indians along the Oregon Trail."  (Dr. Kevin Blake)
 *Bowles, Erik H.  "Classifying Heatwaves in the United States."  (Dr. John A. Harrington, Jr.)
 Burkitt, J. Beau.  "Alternative Futures for the Northern Flint Hills:  Scenarios Provided by Hydrologic Modeling."  (Dr. John A. Harrington, Jr.)
 Dulin, Mike.  "Identifying and Assessing Windbreaks in Ford County, Kansas using Object-based Image Analysis."  (Dr. Shawn Hutchinson)
 George, Jacob.  "Conservation Reserve Program:  Relationships between Agricultural Commodity Output Prices, Input Costs, and Slippage in Kansas."  (Dr. Lisa M.B. Harrington)
 *Laingen, Christopher.  "Complex Feedbacks among Human and Natural Systems and Pheasant Hunting in South Dakota."  (Dr. Lisa M.B. Harrington)
 Meade, Benjamin.  "Spatial Extent, Timing, and Causes of Channel Incision, Black Vermillion Watershed, Northeastern Kansas."  (Dr. Richard A. Marston)
 *Ndyiae, Ramatoulaye.  "Geographic Information Science:  Contribution to Understanding Salt and Sodium Affected Soils in the Senegal River Valley."  (Dr. John A. Harrington, Jr.)
2008Graf, Nicholas.  "50 Years of Channel Change on a Reach of the Big Blue River, Northeast Kansas."  (Dr. Richard A. Marston, April 2008)
 Patterson, Judd.  "An Analysis of Spring Bird Migration Phenology in Kansas."  (Dr. John A. Harrington, Jr., April 2008)
 Peterson, Rorik.  "GIS-based Scenarios for the Reorganization of Kansas Counties."  (John Harrington, Jr.) April 2008.
2007Aber, Jeremy.  "Place Attachment and Sense of Community among Video Arcade Collectors."  (Dr. Jeffrey S. Smith, April 2007)
 Brown, Nancy.  "The Impact of Prescribed Fire on Biodiversity of Understory Forbs in an Old Growth Pine Ecosystem in the Upper Midwest."  (Dr. Douglas G. Goodin, April 2007)
 *Harty, John Patrick.  "Legendary Landscapes:  A Cultural Geography of the Paul Bunyan and Blue Ox Phenomena of the North Woods."  (Dr. Karen J. De Bres, December 2007)
2006Breitkreutz, Will.  "Mapping Hantavirus Risk:  A Reservoir Species Perspective."  (Dr. Shawn Hutchinson, July 2006)
 Burnum, Jessica.  “Spatial Analysis of Seized Methamphetamine Labs in Colorado Springs, CO, 1999-2005.” (Dr. Bimal K. Paul, April 2006)
 *Dobbs, Mary.  Doctoral degree awarded posthumously.  (Dr. Lisa M.B. Harrington, December 2006)
 *Gao, Jincheng.  "Canopy Chlorophyll Estimation with Hyperspectral Remote Sensing." (Dr. Douglas G. Goodin, December 2006)
 Ghimire, Kabita.  “Relationships of Roden Habitats Vegetation Structure with Prevelance of Hantavirus Infection in Paraguay.” (Dr. Douglas G. Goodin, December 2006)
 Mohler, Rhett.  "Historical Channel Change of Vermillion Creek, Kansas, 1857-2002."  (Dr. Charles W. Martin, December 2006)
 Paull, Darci.  “Free Land for People:  A Study of a New Program for Saving Small Towns in Kansas."  (Dr. Karen J. De Bres, April 2006)
 Rice, Charlene.  "Analysis of Growth and Land Use Changes in Topeka, Kansas."  (Dr. John A. Harrington, Jr.)
 Stimers, Mitch.  "A Relative Severity Index for Tornado Events: An Index to Describe the Effects of Tornadoes on Individual Communities."  (Dr. Bimal K. Paul, March 2006)
 Sweet, Jason.  "Kansas Plant Species Richness:  Collections, Predictions, and Landscape Relationships (Dr. Douglas G. Goodin, February 2006)
 Vought, Thomas.  “Assessing the Threat of Biological Terrorism to U.S. Agriculture."  (Dr. Shawn Hutchinson, March 2006)


*Coomansingh, Johnny.  “The Commodification and Diffusion of the Steelpan as a Conflicted Tourism Resource.” (Dr. Karen J. De Bres, April 2005)


Csiki, Shane J.C.  “The Distribution of Heavy Metals in the Floodplain of the Alamosa River, Colorado.”  (Dr. Charles W. Martin, February 2005)


Davis, Tony L.  "Estimating Soil Erosion Risk at Fort Riley, Kansas using the Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE) with a Military Training Intensity Factor" (Dr. Shawn Hutchinson, December 2005)


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