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Department of Geography and Geospatial Sciences

GTU Scholarship Winners

GTU Buzzard Scholarships

Kansas State University geography students have earned a total of 18 GTU Buzzard Scholarships, the most of any university in the United States.

2008Sumanth Reddy 1986Virgil Wiebe
2004Paul Mannion 1985Loretta Siltmen
2000Katrina Frank 1984Stanley R. Wilds
1999Holly Barcus 1981Cynthia Rolph
1998Nancy Leathers 1979Dean Andrew
1997Bradley Rundquist 1976JoAnn Luehring
1996John McKenzie 1975Patricia Drews
1994Becky Schuerman 1974Patricia Lambert
1991Malcolm Ponte 1971Ralph A. Gareis

GTU Richason Scholarship

2003Bradley Hammerschmidt