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Office of General Counsel

Office of General Counsel
Kansas State University
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Newsletter: Legal Briefings

Welcome to our newsletter, published approximately quarterly.

This newsletter is intended to serve as an informational tool, bringing you legal topics of interest and practical tips. Your feedback is important to us. Please contact our office with any comments or questions at 785-532-5730 or attys@ksu.edu.

April 2020 NewsletterApril 2020 (pdf)

In this issue
  • Open Meetings in a Virtual Environment
  • Creative Collaborations, Independent Decisions: Antritrust Law in a Pandemic Response World
  • Hosting a Virtual Summer Camp for Children?


Sept 2019 newsletter picSeptember 2019 (pdf)
In this issue
  • "Man's Best Friend? A Review of the University's Policies Regarding Animals on Campus"
  • Resource Reminder - Office of General Counsel's Website

December 2018 Legal Briefings cover December 2018 (pdf)

In this issue
  • "It's a Deal" - How to Process University Contracts
  • Do You Know Your Rights Guaranteed by the First Amendment?
  • Resource Reminder - Office of Risk and Compliance


February 2018 NewsletterFebruary 2018 (pdf)

In this issue
  • Export Controls
  • Interns and FLSA — updated guidance from U.S. Department of Labor

November 2017 NewsletterNovember 2017 (pdf)

In this issue
  • Traveling Abroad and Gifts: the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the Kansas Governmental Ethics Act
  • Student Trip Guidelines Updated
  • Dear Atty — Title IX

September 2017 NewsletterSeptember 2017 (pdf)

In this issue
  • Anti-discrimination

March 2017 NewsletterMarch 2017 (pdf)

In this issue
  • Records retention
  • Dear Atty — nepotism rules

October 2016 NewsletterOctober 2016 (pdf)

In this issue
  • Free speech on campus
  • Election campaigns and other political activities

November 2015 NewsletterNovember 2015 (pdf)

In this issue
  • Internships, externships, and the Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Resource reminders:
    • Office of Research and Sponsored Projects and 
    • Copyright Consultation Service

August 2015 NewsletterAugust 2015 (pdf)

In this issue
  • “Fair use” of copyrighted works
  • Resource reminder: Office of Employee Relations
  • Dear Atty — writing student letters of recommendation

February 2015 NewsletterFebruary 2015 (pdf)

In this issue
  • 5 best practices for avoiding legal problems
  • Role of the Office of General Counsel
  • Consulting agreements
  • Processing University contracts

August 2014 NewsletterAugust 2014 (pdf)

In this issue
  • Documentation of employee performance and conduct
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
  • Case law updates:
    • Fisher v. University of Texas — race-conscious admissions
    • Lane v. Franks — government employee’s testimony is protected speech
  • Political campaign activity rules

May 2014 NewsletterMay 2014 (pdf)

In this issue
  • International contracts and activities
  • Honor and Integrity System
  • Resource Reminder: Kansas Board of Regents policy manual
  • Dear Atty — registered student organization events on campus

Feburary 2014 NewsletterFebruary 2014 (pdf)

In this issue
  • Liability for off-campus University-related activities
  • International trips
  • Students of concern
  • Dear Atty — relationship between the KSU Foundation and the University

November 2103 NewsletterNovember 2013 (pdf)

In this issue
  • Holiday decor, religion, and the First Amendment
  • Raffles as fundraisers
  • Ethics rules for state employees on gifts, meals, transportation, and entertainment
  • Dear Atty — communications with outside attorneys on University matters

September 2013 NewsletterSeptember 2013 (pdf)

In this issue
  • Fisher v. University of Texas — race-conscious admissions and other programs
  • Lawyer as a fiduciary
  • DOMA (“Defense of Marriage Act”) and the U.S. Supreme Court’s Windsor decision
  • Resource reminders:
    • Student Access Center
    • Copyright and fair use guidance at K-State Libraries

May 2014 NewsletterMay 2013 (pdf)

In this issue
  • Liability for employment-related activities
  • FERPA and student records
  • Parade permits — city requirements

November 2012 NewsletterNovember 2012 (pdf)

In this issue
  • Getting sued — minimizing litigation risks and exposure
  • Contracting with private, public and “zero” dollars
  • Handling requests for documents

August 2012 NewsletterAugust 2012 (pdf)

In this issue
  • About the Office of General Counsel
  • Crime reporting, campus security, and the Clery Act
  • Tips for completing I-9s