Meta-“omic” analysis of microbial responses to altered rainfall inputs in native prairie soils


List of collaborators

David D. Myrold (OSU) - PI

Peter J. Bottomley (OSU), Ari Jumpponen (KSU), Charles W. Rice (KSU), Janet K. Jansson (LBL), Susannah G. Tringe (LBL), Robert L. Hettich (ORNL), Nathan C. Verberkmoes (ORNL)

KSU = Kansas State University

OSU = Oregon State University

LBL = Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

ORNL = Oak Ridge National Lab

This large collaborative project uses state-of-the-art “omics” to better understand the C cycling at Konza prairie.

We use the rainfall manipulation plots (RaMPs) established more than a decade ago. We consider the soil microbial community as one functioning system and combine metatranscriptomic, metaproteomic, and metabolomic approaches.  Our experiments are designed to identify microbial community members and processes that are instrumental players in processing of C in the prairie soils and how these processes are impacted by wetting and drying events.