These are the three datasets that we make available after publication. Please refer to the Publication List for proper reference.

Note that the dataset for New Phytologist 2009 is divided between two sequencing regions and the regions “Endophyte1” and “Endophyte2” must be assigned to experimental units separately.

Similarly, the dataset for Molecular Ecology 2010 is divided across three sequencing regions and those regions signify different times of sampling as described in the metadata.

Each .zip folder includes three components.

  1. 1).txt with metadata that provides the experimental design and the DNA tags

  2. 2) .fna with the fasta formatted sequence data

  3. 3) .qual with the quality scores for each of the base calls

We’d appreciate if you keep us posted when using these data. Please contact Ari Jumpponen for further info.

Data sets

2009 New Phytologist - 2009

2010 Molecular Ecology - 2010

2010 New Phytologist - 2010