Welcome to the K-State Individuals for Freethought web site! More about the club and Freethought is below and on the pages linked on the left.

What is Freethought?

Freethought is thinking without the restraints of religious tradition, dogma, "revelation," authoritarianism, or prejudice. Instead, freethinkers use reason and science to form their own conclusions about morality and the nature of the universe.

What is Individuals for Freethought?

Individuals for Freethought is an organization at K-State that brings together atheists, skeptics, humanists and others who value independent thought. IF uses science and reason to counter dogma and authoritarianism, provides a voice and a community for freethinkers, fosters acceptance of non-theistic people, and advocates separation of church and state.

How do I join or find out more?

To join our mailing list, click here. See our constitution here.