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Extension Food Safety

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Food Safety for You

food safetyWelcome to Extension Food Safety at Kansas State University. We are a leading institution in the area of food safety in teaching, research, and extension. The goals of this program include educating consumers on safe food handling with food preparation, food preservation, food service and more. Many topics are highlighted on this site to help you learn how to safely handle food from the farm to your table.

Hot Off the Press!

2018 Urban Food Systems Symposium

The 2018 Urban Food Systems Symposium will be held August 8-11, 2018 at the Graduate Minneapolis in Minneapolis, MN. Sign up now!

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Keeping Children Safe from Foodborne Illness

Kids food safetyChildren are disproportionately affected by serious foodborne illness, representing half of all hospitalizations for foodborne illness in the United States each year. Children under age five are three times more likely to be hospitalized with Salmonella infection than other people. Kidney failure strikes one out of seven children under age five who are diagnosed with E. coli O157 infection. (Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

New resources are now available from the Partnership for Food Safety Education to teach parents and caregivers of young children to prevent foodborne illness.

Two large food recalls

There are two large recalls occurring at this time for eggs and romaine lettuce. Learn more about these recalls and if you have these foods:

donating foodDonating Safe and Nutritious Food to Food Pantries and Soup Kitchens

Helping someone in need to get through a tough time in life is a noble gesture. But donating unsafe food doesn't help them out. Donations of safe and healthy food by food retailers and consumers to entities such as food pantries and soup kitchens can help provide food to hungry families and also reduce food waste. Learn more about donating food in the link above.

Selling Food at Farmers Markets

Farmers MarketRegulations and food safety best practices for vendors and farmers market managers.This includes information from the Kansas Department of Agriculture and K-State Research and Extension.


Food Safety Kansas

The Kansas Department of Agriculture and Kansas Department of Health & Environment just launched "Food Safety Kansas" at www.foodsafetykansas.org/. Here you can report an illness caused by a restaurant, food item, or from an event. You can also report a problem with a restaurant that did NOT cause an illness.