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K-State First
Kansas State University
014 Holton Hall
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Advisors - Information for 2023 Enrollment

K-State First is open to all new students, including traditional first-year students as well as new transfer students. To see a full list of what is available for students during the upcoming enrollment period and to help students through the process, click and download our...

K-State First has academically engaging options for every student, and the right CAT Community and FYS class can be found based on their general academic interests, major, degree needs, and future career goals. With almost 100 different academic offerings connected to all of the Manhattan-campus undergraduate colleges, we have something for every new student.

All exceptionally admitted students (they will have an indicator in KSIS and SSC Navigate) are required to enroll in a K-State First option—a FYS class, a CAT Community, or one of each. If you would like any support in selecting and enrolling the right option for your student, please let us know. EDCEP 111 Foundations of College Students Success or one of our Student Success CAT Communities are the best options for these students!

Thank you for the work that you do to connect students with high impact opportunities that support their success. We appreciate your collaboration! 

Communicating with Students

Students had the option of signing up for Residential CAT Communities early on their Housing contracts. Those that indicated interest have been contacted with class and living requirements. They will have chosen their rooms in April and will be enrolled in those Residential CAT Community classes in May. If a student is pre-enrolled in a Residential CAT Community, and you need to drop them, please let us know. It might affect their Housing and they could be dropped from their room as well as their classes.

Students who have registered for New Student Orientation can indicate an interest in a K-State First CAT Community or FYS class as they prepare for their enrollment advising session on their Pre-Intake Advising Form. Information about K-State First CAT Communities and First-Year seminars is also available on the New Student Orienation "Get K-State Ready" Canvas Course that students will have access to.

Additionally, as you build out your SSC Navigate campaigns encouraging students to sign up for enrollment appointments, you can include our At-A-Glance CAT and FYS Enrollment Chart as an attachment. It includes information about the impact and purpose of K-State First courses, and has a quick overview of the CAT Communities and First-Year Seminars that are available for fall 2023.

CAT Communities

Getting students connected to a CAT Community is easy. Just send us an email or give us a call at 532-1501 with the student's name, WID, and the CAT Community they want to be in, and our team will get them enrolled in all three courses. We're lightning fast and can typically get it done within 5-10 minutes. For a full list of the CAT Communities, their classes, and descriptions that will help students decide, visit our CAT Community page. Students are required to be enrolled in all three courses and should not have credit for any of those that are connected to the CAT Community.

Click on the document link above for more detailed information that might be beneficial as you consider students' schedules and academic needs. The chart lists all classes that are a part of each CAT Community and includes info like residence hall locations, CAT themes, course numbers, class days/times, K-State 8 categories, locations, and instructors.

Some of our CAT Communities have begun to close, and we will keep this page updated with that information below.

Closed CAT Communities:

  • Animal Health and Nutrition (Residential)
  • Pre-Med (Residential)
  • Animal Agriculture in 2050
  • Exploring Scientific Research
  • Menard Family Scholars
  • Pre-PT

CAT COMMUNITY SCHOLARSHIPS. K-State First will award four in-state scholarships and one out-of-state scholarship to first-year students enrolled in a CAT Community this fall to cover the cost of the CAT Community one-hour connections course tuition. We are especially eager to support first-generation college students and/or students with financial need, and we would love your advisor input on selecting the students for these scholarships. You may nominate students on our form by answering three short questions.

First-Year Seminars

We will have open seats in most of our First-Year Seminars throughout all enrollment sessions. To sign up a student, just enroll them in any open seat. If a section seems closed but you'd really like to enroll a student, please let us know. Students may enroll for one CAT Community AND for one FYS class. If you have a situation where a student might really need two FYS classes, please send us and email or give us a call, and we will work with you to get the student the best schedule possible. 

Click on the document link above for more detailed information that might be beneficial to you as you consider students' schedules and academic needs. The course guide includes info like course numbers, days/times, K-State 8 categories, locations, and instructors.

Office of Student Success Partners

Explore additional information about enrollment considerations and requirements for our Student Success partners below:

Contact Us

The best way to contact us is via email: kstatefirst@ksu.edu. Our phone number is (785) 532-1501. If you have trouble getting though during busy times during enrollment appointments in June, please call Dr. Eiselein on his cell phone: (785) 320-1221.