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An experiential learning experience with K-State First

K-State First Learning Assistants (LAs) and Residential Learning Assistants (RLA) have an important experiential learning opportunity through interaction with the K-State First program, which assists first-year students. This experience provides an opportunity for LAs and RLAs to develop leadership and mentorship skills through a program that aims to support students’ academic and social development during their first semester of college. At the same time, RLAs and LAs have the opportunity to help first-year students establish a foundation for a successful college career. A Learning Assistant leads a CAT Community, a section of University Experience, or a section of a SPARK course, and a Residential Learning Assistant leads a Residential CAT Community.

For an in-depth look at the expectations, responsibilities, and benefits of the Learning Assistant role, please view our Learning Assistant Agreement. This agreement includes two addendums: one for Residential Learning Assistants and one for Learning Assistant Coaches.


To apply to be a Learning Assistant, please submit an application. The application will close on the Monday of Finals Week and we will conduct interviews in February. If you submit an application out of cycle, we will keep your application on file and send you an email if positions open.

To learn more about the role, check out the recording from our Learning Assistant Information Session.

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact our Learning Assistant Coordinator, Brent Weaver bweaver2@ksu.edu.