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K-State First
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K-State First Awards

Our program offers a variety of awards to students, faculty, and staff for their work to foster belonging and engage in student success work each year. 

First-Year Advocate Awards

The First-Year Advocate Award celebrates faculty/staff and students who:

  • Engage with first-year students.
  • Help students succeed academically.
  • Build community.
  • Show they value equity and inclusion.
  • Empower their students.
  • Help their students find purpose and achieve their goals.

For more information about this year's award winners, visit K-State Today.

Faculty WinnersStudent Winners
2021 - Jessica Henault2021 - Julia Gross
2020 - Mike Finnegan2020 - Krista Everhart
2019 - Don Saucier2019 - Bailey Porter
2018 - Tamara Bauer2018 - Haley Weinberg

Nominations for the First-Year Advocate Awards are due December 2021 and may be submitted in a variety of formats; for example, nomination materials might include — but are not limited to: an essay of 500-600 words, a video, or a PowerPoint presentation. Successful nominations will demonstrate a commitment to many, if not all, of the above criteria. Nomination survey coming soon.

K-State First Book Awards

K-State First Book Awards celebrate the common experiences shared at K-State with the common book. The award winners all work hard to foster student engagement, enhance students' educational experience, expand the consideration of new ideas, values and concepts in the classroom and in the university community, and use creative applications of the themes from the common book of the year. The K-State First Book program offers several awards, including the Bill Miller and Debbie Leckron Miller K-State First Book Scholarship, a Student Group Award, and a Faculty/Staff Award. 

The 2020 Bill Miller and Debbie Leckron Miller K-State First Book Scholarship winners are Grace Huynh and Bailey Roberts. Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences or (MANRRS) received the Group Award. Suzanne Porath is the 2020 Faculty Award winner.

For more information on how to apply and to see previous award winners, click here

K-State First Special Recognition Award

Each year, our team recognizes someone at K-State for their exceptional university leadership and unwavering dedication to first-year students. These individuals have been essential to the success of our program throughout the years and we value their passion for and contribution to our K-State First mission.

Award Winners
2021 - Kevin Cook
2020 - Emily Lehning
2019 - Tara Coleman

2018 - Provost April Mason

2018 - Bill Miller and Debbie Leckron Miller

2021 Awards Celebration

K-State First normally holds an annual awards dinner to celebrate our winners and their accomplishments. This year, due to the pandemic, we created a virtual awards video instead, which highlights the success of our award winners with excerpts from their award-winning submissions and praises from their nominators.