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K-State First

K-State First
Kansas State University
014 Holton Hall
1101 Mid-Campus Drive N.
Manhattan, KS 66506


Leadership and Service 

There are a variety of ways that students, faculty, and other members of the campus community assist K-State First in creating an outstanding university experience for every first-year student at Kansas State University.

Our student organizations promote leadership, service, and academic success through a various community projects and campus initiatives. Similarly, Learning Assistants support and facilitate student success through their work in the CAT Community program.

Research also plays a vital role in assessing and evaluating the success of our programs, therein helping us to continually improve and build upon program initiatives. Faculty and campus administrators help us to measure student learning outcomes and others marker of student success such as retention, GPA, and degree completion rates. As an integrated, campus-wide effort, K-State First appreciates the hard work and dedication of our numerous students, faculty, and K-State community members who help to make our programming a success.

To find out more about individual leadership and service opportunities, follow the links on the left side of the page.