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Your role as a GPS Guide

As a GPS guide you are asked to:

  • Connect with your Mentee(s) at least three times each semester.
  • Serve as a point person for incoming first-year students to go to for personal and professional issues and needs.
  • Serve as a resource for first-year students in their transition to K-State.
  • Help students connect with other resources on campus.
  • Help students reach their goals.
  • Create a stronger community by fostering more interactions between students and staff.
  • Provide support and challenge.


Check-out our GPS Guide Manual, designed specifically for Guides in this program! This publication includes everything from a first-year timeline to campus contact information.

GPS Guides are encouraged to follow GPS on Facebook for updates about everything from first-year student research to fun things going on in the community. Additionally, all Guides and Mentees will receive a monthly newsletter from the program highlighting similar information as well as necessary information about upcoming GPS Connect Events (monthly programs sponsored by the program for Guides and Mentees).

If you're looking for a campus resource office or professional, consider checking out K-State's One-Stop-Shop website.  This space brings together all facets of student life for faculty, staff, parents and students to find easy direction across campus. Guides are also encouraged to contact the program at anytime with questions about resources, opportunities and support.


Guide to Personal Success | First-Year Mentoring | gps@k-state.edu | 008 Leasure Hall | 785.532.1501