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K-State First

K-State First
Kansas State University
014 Holton Hall
1101 Mid-Campus Drive N.
Manhattan, KS 66506


Frequently Asked Questions 

What type of student benefits most from K-State First?

We serve all first-year freshmen or incoming transfer students new to the K-State family who want to join a community of peers and K-State professionals, get involved with academics beyond the classroom, and become empowered to excel at the university.

Can I sign up for a CAT Community AND a First-Year Seminar?

Yes. Though because the number of sections for each is limited, we ask that students sign up for only one of each. Students can enroll in a First-Year Seminar AND a CAT Community if it fits into their schedule.

Where can I find a list of the CAT Communities and First-Year Seminars being offered?

The current CAT Community offerings can be found HERE. The list of First-Year Seminars for the upcoming semester can be found HERE. Sections offered vary from year to year. If you have any questions, please email or call our office at 785-532-1501.

How do I sign up for a First-Year Seminar?

Talk to your academic advisor during Orientation and Enrollment. They will help find one that works best for your degree and schedule. You can also call the K-State First office to reserve a spot in one of the courses.

How do I sign up for a CAT Community?

If you know which CAT Community you want to enroll in, you can reserve your spot by emailing the K-State First office or mentioning it to your academic advisor at Orientation and Enrollment. For Residential CAT Communities, please indicate which one you want when filling out your Housing contract. Sections are limited, and enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis.

What are some of the benefits of being in a CAT Community? 

CAT Community students are more likely to stay in college, earn their degrees, earn those degrees more quickly, and earn higher GPAs. They set you up for success in college, and they’re a lot of fun!


GPA chart

Are CAT Communities extra work? 

No, CAT Communities are not extra work, but rather support for the classes you’re already enrolled in. It’s integration, not addition. They teach you how to manage all that is going on in college. They’re a way of helping you maximize the academic and social aspects of your college experience.  

If I choose a Residential CAT Community, does that affect which residential hall I will be in?

Yes, each Residential CAT Community is housed in a specific hall or complex. To check where the Residential CAT Community will be, click on your choice HERE

Can I bring my roommate if I choose a Residential CAT Community? 

Yes, CAT Community students may bring their roommates with them (even if the roommate is not in the CAT Community), and Housing will honor roommate preferences.