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CAT Communities

What is a CAT Community?

A group of 22 students enroll in two regular courses taken together and another one-hour opportunity to discover course connections. Students learn together, are taught by an expert faculty member, and a Learning Assistant (an experienced student who has taken the course before) helps throughout the semester.

Some CAT Communities are organized around student interest, which allow students to explore an interdisciplinary area of study while working with an expert professor and undergraduate learning assistant who share similar interests. Other CAT Communities offer discipline specific topics, and these pre-professional CAT Communities allow students with the same major and/or career interest to take courses in their field of study while working with a professor and undergraduate learning assistant in their same discipline. 

If you are interested in enrolling in one of the options, talk with your advisor during June and August Enrollment to get connected! 

Below are the CAT Communities for Fall 2022! Click on the icons for more information about each one.

Animal Agriculture in 2050 icon Animal Agriculture in 2050

Your generation will develop a very different food system than what exists today. We will explore the intersection of agricultural animal production with biology, discuss societal issues related to animal agriculture, and consider the future of foods from animal sources. A background in agricultural animal production will be helpful if you are interested in this CAT Community.

BIOL 198 Principles of Biology

ASI 102 Principles of Animal Science

GENAG 202 Animal Agriculture in 2050

art and creativity icon Art and Creativity

Explore what it means to be creative in this interactive learning community. We'll work through the following questions and concepts as they relate to creativity: how can you enhance your ability to make effective work through understanding the creative processes; what are some ways you can engage with the world of art and design; what are your art and design teachers expecting from you; and how can you move beyond creative blocks for more effective work? We'll also learn how professionals discovered their own creative processes and how you can apply them in your own art and designs.

ART 180 Two Dimensional Design

PSYCH 110 General Psychology

DAS 195 Art and Creativity

Art of Healthcare icon The Art of Healthcare

Join this CAT Community for an introduction to the many dimensions of our life cycle and healthcare. Special attention will be given to life stories, sickness and health, diversity and cultural competencies, differing perspectives on health care and well-being, professionalism, and other topics and insights important to healthcare providers. Healthcare is ultimately about people, both patients and providers, and this will be an opportunity to explore the personal dimensions of healthcare as a field.

BIOL 198 Principles of Biology

ENGL 392 Life Stories

DAS 195 The Art of Healthcare

Cultivating Ag Literacy icon Cultivating Agricultural Literacy

Cultivate your own agricultural literacy while enhancing your teaching, communication, and advocacy skills to advance the agriculture industry. We will explore agricultural issues from the perspective of multiple stakeholders through purposeful discussions and keynote speakers. This class will be highly interactive with opportunities to discuss agricultural topics and agricultural literacy programs. We will focus on current events, engage with industry leaders, and strategize how we can all become more agriculturally literate.

AGRON 220 Crop Science

ASI 102 Principles of Animal Science

GENAG 201 Cultivating Agricultural Literacy

Education in a Global World Icon Education in a Global World

As the world becomes smaller, our classrooms become ever bigger. What does this mean for the future of education and what does the classroom of the future look like? Together we will explore how education is changing around the world and how you can be prepared for a global classroom.

EDCI 110 Foundations of Education

GEOG 100 World Geography and Globalization

DED 150 Education in a Global World


Engineering Foundations Engineering Foundations

This community will provide you with a connection to the College of Engineering and resources to help you successfully navigate your first semester on campus. You will engage in learning activities that will strengthen your time management skills, study skills, goal setting and give you the tools to be successful future engineers.

MATH 100 College Algebra OR MATH 150 Plane Trigonometry ORMATH 220 Analytic Geometry and Calculus I*

ECON 110 Principles of Macroeconomics

DEN 160 Engineering Orientation

*Students can choose to be part of any of the three MATH classes that you are ready for based on your Math Placement Exam.


 Exploring Scientific Research Icon Exploring Scientific Research

Learn all about participating in scientific research opportunities as an undergraduate. You will take part in a research project under the guidance of mentor through K-State's "Research for All" program. These research experiences typically will require one to two hours per week outside of class. We'll share our experiences throughout the semester in our community and finish by presenting posters at the Undergraduate Research Symposium.

BIOL 198 Principles of Biology

CHM 210 Chemistry 1

DAS 195 Exploring Scientific Research

Exploring the Health Professions Icon Exploring the Health Professions

Are you interested in potentially becoming a healthcare professional? In this CAT Community, you will explore this interest by learning about different health professions, taking part in different experiences and activities that assist you in discerning your interest in them, and understanding the path to becoming a successful a pre-health applicant.

FNDH 115 Introduction to Health and Nutrition Professions

FNDH 132 Basic Nutrition

DHE 195 Exploring the Health Professions


Global Engineers Icon Global Engineers

In an increasingly connected world, it is imperative to engage with other cultures without prejudice or assumption. This is true in engineering as it is in any other field. Companies are seeking not only technically adept, but also culturally aware and broadly knowledgeable engineers for their global endeavors. To collaborate with diverse communities and make a positive impact on society, you must develop a perspective that values people and things around you and strive for what you can offer. Together we will discover how the intercultural, interdisciplinary, and social competence complements your successful student life and future career paths.

ECON 110 Principles of Macroeconomics

LEAD 212 Introduction to Leadership Concepts

DEN 160 Engineering Orientation

Did you know that there are more than 400 international students from 50 different countries that are your fellow classmates and a part of the K-State family? In this CAT Community, you will learn how communication transcends


Honors Community Breaking the Art and Science Divide icon Honors Community: Breaking the Art/Science Divide

We often think of the arts (for example, literature) as the opposite of science. But what happens if you use literature to understand mental illness or read a medical case file as a work of literature? What if you analyze bio-chemical responses to art? Together we will explore the intersection of the arts and science so we can begin to understand how science shapes our understanding of the arts and the ways in which literature and art teach us about science. This CAT Community is for Honors students in the College of Arts and Sciences.

ENGL 297 Honors Introduction to the Humanities

BIOL 198 Principles of Biology OR PSYCH 110 General Psychology*

UHP 189 Honors First-Year Seminar  

*Students interested in the Breaking the Art/Science Divide CAT Community only need to enroll in BIOL 198 or PSYCH 110, not both.

How We Learn Icon How-To College

College is a life changing experience. Together in this CAT Community, we will use a variety of study skill strategies, community building activities, and examination of life stages that will help you be successful during your time at K-State. You will also practice strategies that you can use to support and encourage your own future students.

EDCI 110 Foundations of Education

HDFS 110 Introduction to Human Development

DED 150 How-To College

Screenplays and Stageplays icon Identity, Pop Culture, and Performance

Explore identity through cinema, theatre, pop culture, and performance. Together we will attend plays, read comics, and examine films in this exploration. 

AMETH 160 Introduction to American Ethnic Studies

THTRE 270 Introduction to Theatre

DAS 195 Identity, Pop Culture, and Performance


International Cats icon International Cats

Discover the world of international opportunities at K-State! This interactive learning community, open to both domestic and international students, will help you explore international educational opportunities and build community with other internationally-minded students. Together we will create connections through exploring the Secondary Major in International and Area Studies, Education Abroad, and the International Buddies program. Check out the flyer (PDF) for additional information!

POLSC 145 World Politics

Any Language Class*

DAS 195 International Cats

*Students interested in International Cats can enroll in any of the language classes offered in Fall 2022, including SPAN 101, 102, 300, 301, 302; ARAB 101 or 300; CHINE 101 or 300; FREN 101, 102, 300, 301; GRMN 101, 102, 300, 301; JAPAN 101 or 300; or LATIN 101 or 301.

Leadership and Service Icon Leadership and Service

Mahatma Gandhi said "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." As a CAT community we will identify common interests, develop meaningful service projects, and spend time together learning through service. Nonprofit organizations in and around Manhattan rely on the generosity of volunteers—join us as we seek to develop our own leadership capacity in the service of others.

LEAD 212 Introduction to Leadership Concepts

SOCIO 211 Introduction to Sociology

LEAD 195 Leadership and Service


Leadership in Sports Icon Leadership in Sports

In this community we will explore some of the untold stories of sports icons like Muhammad Ali, Jackie Robinson, Jessie Owens, Satchel Paige, and more. Through their experiences, we will examine the impact of coaching, important life lessons, and the ways in which protest, activism, and politics are framed within sports.

LEAD 212 Introduction to Leadership Concepts

POLSC 115 U.S. Politics

LEAD 195 Leadership in Sports

Meat We Eat icon The Meat We Eat

Curious about the meat industry? Together we'll explore hot topics of the past, current, and future, from the use of the hormone and antibiotics in livestock to cultured meat. This will provide you the opportunity to learn perspectives of the meat industry from both the producers and the consumers’ sides.

ASI 102 Principles of Animal Science

CHM 210 Chemistry 1

GENAG 200 The Meat We Eat

Performance Mindset Icon Menard Family Scholars

This community engages outstanding freshman business students in a year-long, cohort-based program designed to foster leadership development, ethical decision making, and innovative thinking, while gaining technical knowledge and skills through rigorous coursework. Through industry learning trips, alumni connections, one-on-one mentoring, and other exclusive experiences, students will explore college leadership opportunities and career pathways in the business sector. Students will also work with top faculty members as they transition to college life, and benefit from early access to the College of Business Career Development Program, specialized advising, and career shadowing experiences. For more information on how to apply, click here.

LEAD 212 Introduction to Leadership Concepts

ENTRP 340 Entrepreneurial Mindset 

GENBA 195 CAT Community Connections


Nutrition and the Health Professions Icon Nutrition and the Health Professions

We’ve all heard the saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” In this CAT Community, you and other pre-health students will explore the implications behind this saying and gain an understanding of how nutrition is important to promoting the optimal health and wellness of patients. You will also learn about different health care practitioner occupations. 

FNDH 132 Basic Nutrition

CHM 210 Chemistry 1

DHE 195 Nutrition and the Health Professions


Pre-Law icon Pre-Law: Law and Society

This CAT Community explores issues concerning the nature and special status of law and the connections between law, society, and morality. Law is a complex social institution that influences our culture and is itself shaped by society. Law is also an institution that is deeply connected with morality. We think of law as obligating us independently of the threat of punishment. We also think the content of law should reflect some basic set of moral values and that law is defective and loses its authority to the extent it fails to reflect our own values. However, the nature of law and of legal reasoning, and the ways society and morality influence law are complex and sometimes controversial matters.

We will discuss the nature and functions of law and explore the links between political change and legal reform, and between law and morality. The course will also include interaction with the Pre-Law advisor and discussion of the many career paths available to students interested in the law.

PHILO 160 Introduction to Philosophy of Law

POLSC 115 U.S. Politics

DAS 195 The Law and Society


PrePhysical Therapy Pre-Physical Therapy

Learn the physical and behavioral attributes of physical fitness, health and movement in this CAT Community. You will develop an understanding of the physical therapy profession, examination requirements, education, and opportunities.

KIN 220 Biobehavioral Bases of Physical Activity

FNDH 132 Basic Nutrition

DHE 195 Pre-Physical Therapy


Psychology of Money icon Psychology of Money

Why is managing money so hard? Why are we often our own worst enemy when it comes to saving? Explore the intersection of psychology and money to gain insight into how our perceptions and beliefs around money shape our day-to-day financial behavior. 

PFP 105 Introduction to Personal Financial Planning

PSYCH 110 General Psychology

DAS 195 Psychology of Money

Marketing and Sales Icon Sales Expert in Progress

Funded by Tony Dosien & family, this classroom setting allows you to see the business world through the eyes of a salesperson. Together we will explore the sales profession, including how to effectively create value for customers throughout the sales process. Coupled with mock sales role-plays to gain real-world experience, at the end of the course students will have demonstrated the ability to have an initial sales conversation by understanding how to ask effective questions and utilizing their active listening skills

MKTG 400 Introduction to Marketing

SALES 542 Fundamentals of Professional Selling

GENBA 195 CAT Community Connections


Speak the Language Icon Speak the Language - An Accounting Journey

Get up close and personal with business and accounting in a classroom like no other! Let's take an exciting journey where you will discover the language of business and yourself. With a culminating business and culture experience to Washington DC, see first-hand the impact YOU can make in the business world.

ACCTG 231 Accounting for Business Operations

MKTG 400 Introduction to Marketing

GENBA 195 CAT Community Connections


Sports in America Sports in America

Sports as entertainment and lifestyle have have been a dominant force in the United States both economically and in the public consciousness. In this CAT Community, students will take a look at the impact the industry has one all aspects of life in the United States, as it has become almost a religious experience for many. You will trace the rise and fall of a variety of American sports, discuss current-day trends, and engage in activities geared toward understanding the role of sports in the fabric of society

MC 160 Principles of Journalism

HIST 252 History of the U.S. Since 1877 

DAS 195 Sports in America


Writing Life Writing Life

Do you appreciate the knowledge and perspective gained from reading, reflecting, conversing with peers, and sharing your thoughts through writing? In this CAT Community, you will improve your writing through practice, feedback, and revision while learning about yourself and the world around you. You will also have the opportunity to strengthen skills and habits that are crucial to success in college while developing meaningful relationships with other first-year students. 

ENGL 100 Expository Writing 1 

SOCIO 211 Introduction to Sociology

DAS 195 Writing Life



If you have any additional questions, please e-mail us at kstatefirst@k-state.edu.