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CAT Community Offerings

Each of the Fall 2023 CAT Community Courses can be found within their respective categories in the lefthand menu. If you'd like a full description of each CAT Community and it's corresponding class information, please use the PDFs below:

CAT Communities are filled on a first come, first serve basis and registration prior to Orientation & Enrollment in June is encouraged. 

Students interested in enrolling in a CAT Community should follow the links below to begin the enrollment process: 

  • To enroll in a Residential CAT Community, sign up for your top choices while filling out your Residence Hall Housing Application. Use the Explore Your Options tool and begin your application HERE.

  • To enroll in a CAT Community, you can take our Enrollment Survey.

Students interested in signing-up for a CAT Community can also e-mail their name and CAT Community of choice to kstatefirst@k-state.edu