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What happens when you reenvision the traditional classroom concept? You get "Beyond the Classroom," a program which brings faculty and other campus leaders into the residential and scholarship halls to join students for dinner and present on a variety of topics. Past events have focused on gender and popular film, the 80s, recycling, and sustainability. Typically, 2-3 events are planned for each semester, and it is a unique opportunity for students to learn more about the research that is being conducted by leaders across campus.
Beyond the Classroom


Take a look at what students and presenters have to say about past events!


"Just a Joke? The Social Effects of Ethnic Humor"


"I enjoyed the presentation. It was a lovely and relaxed environment that made the professor [Associate Professor Don Saucier] seem very human. The program perfectly integrated outside learning into the dorms. Overall I loved the program, and I would love to attend future talks about creative topics."


Parker Heinze

Cat Community--Psychology of Prejudice



"Would a Bucket of Money Fix Everything?" 


"Students were asked to consider their own money personalities and then shown how to take proactive steps at achieving greater financial success. Overall I feel students participating in the workshop came away with tools and resources that can help them now and in the future."


Jodi Kaus

Director, Powercat Financial Counseling