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Spring 2018

Spring 2018 Beyond the Classroom Poster
Humanities: The Secret Superpower

Dr. Sara Luly, Professor of Modern Languages

Dr. Brent Manor, Professor of History

Dr. Karin Westman, Department Head and Professor of English

February 8, 7-8 PM, Putnam Hall First Floor Lobby

Additional Information

Studying English, History, Languages, or Philosophy is a great path to a rewarding and successful career. Learn the facts!

Come identify and unlock your own humanities superpower with the help of K-State Jedi Masters/Professors Sara Luly (Modern Languages), Brent Maner (History), and Karin Westman (English).


Fall 2017

BTC Fake News 
Let's Be Frank About Fake News

Dr. Kimetris Baltrip, Professor in Journalism and Mass Communications

September 18, 7-8 PM, Derby 134

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Can you spot fake news when you see it? This talk is about the growing need to practice skepticism when reading "news." Fake news is more pervasive than ever, but you can learn strategies to keep from spreading it.

DR. KIMETRIS N. BALTRIP is in her 12th year at the A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications at Kansas State University. She has worked for two major market U.S. newspapers and has nearly 17 years' experience as a journalism educator, coach and mentor. She won the 2016 Robert Knight Multicultural Recruitment Award from the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communications and helped many students gain successful careers, including Rolling Stone's 35th Annual College Journalism Award winner whose project from Baltrip's class was featured in a broadcast by an af liate of National Public Radio. Her experience includes working in internal public relations and producing content for print and digital media.

BTC Self Management Poster 
Control, Agency, and Self-Management in Times of High Stress

Allison DuLac and Jess Kerr, Coaches, Academic Achievement Center

October 24, 7-8 PM, Kramer

Additional Information

Mid-terms mark a point in the semester where the stakes are high. As a consequence, this is also a period of high stress for students. Join us for a discussion about how to manage both the technical aspects of your university experience, from scheduling to studying, and the social-emotional issues that stem from trying to achieve the best school life balance for you.

Control/agency over the things happening in your life

  • learning what's best for you, and sticking with it... time of day, breaks, free-time, work, task at hand
  • scheduling/planning/time management
  • balance
  • sleep/exercise/food
  • relationships/community/transition
  • stress, what do you do with it, self-care

Fall 2016

3D Printing
"3D Printing"

Jahvelle Rhone, Information Technology Coordinator

with Information Technology Assistance Center (iTAC)

September 27, 7-8 PM, Cornerstone Coffee and Bakery at Wefald Hall

Additional Information

Come learn about 3D printing! 3D printing is a technology that allows you to take an idea, transfer it into a digital file, and produce an actual physical product. 3D prining will allow students to produce models for prototyping, engineering, architecture, and various types of multimedia projects.

Advantages of Indoor Plants
"Advantages of Indoor Plants"

Dr. Kim Williams, Professor of Greenhouse Management

October 24, 7-8 PM, Derby 134

Additional Information

Indoor plants contribute many benefits to the people around them. Learn what research from architects, engineers, NASA scientists, horticulturists, interior designers and psychologists shows about how plants influence human health, productivity, comfort and overall well-being. Take a plant home with you to see for yourself!

There will be a small foliage plant give-away for attendees (while supplies last.)

Design Disruptors
"Design Disruptors"

Dr. Kim Baltrip, Assistant Professor,

A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications

November 1, 7-8 PM, Kedzie 004

Additional Information

Screening of InVision’s documentary "Design Disruptors." Ninety design leaders at the world’s most disruptive and significant companies were interviewed to discover the design-driven business revolution happening around the world. Take a look into renowned designers’ worlds to see how design choices impact a viewer’s daily life.

Find more info at www.designdisruptors.com.

Spring 2016

StrengthsU Poster

Jessica Arnold, Assistant Coordinator of New Student Services

Erin Poppe, Strengths Quest Graduate Assistant

February 2, 7-8 PM, Derby Dining Center Room 134

Additional Information

In this very exciting and interactive session, we will spend about 15 minutes sharing information on strengths and then spend the final 45 minutes with two exciting activities. The first is Strengths Charades, and the second Strengths "Just Dance." Please come ready to learn more about yourself and your own Strengths as well as K-State as a Strengths-based university campus.

Google Mindset poster
"The Google Mindset"

Ashley Rhodes, Associate Professor of Biology

February 17, 7-8 PM, Putnam


What Not to Wear Poster
"What Not to Wear: The Secret Meanings of Clothing"

Dr. Kim Hiller, Associate Professor of Apparel Textiles & Interior Design

April 5, 7-8 PM, Derby Dining Center

Fall 2015

Just a Joke Poster
"Just a Joke? The Social Effects of Ethnic Humor"

Don Saucier, Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies

September 28, 7-8 PM, Goodnow Hall 2nd Floor Lobby 

Additional Information

Ethnic humor often uses stereotypes about social groups as the foundation for its jokes. In this lecture, we will discuss how ethnic humor may be used in antisocial ways in society, but also how it may be used in prosocial ways. We will apply social psychological theories about prejudice and humor to this controversial, but very common, form of entertainment.   

Bucket of Money
"Would a Bucket of Money Fix Everything?"

Jodi Kaus, Director, Powercat Financial Counseling

October 8, 7-8 PM, Derby Dining Center Room 134

Additional Information

Students will explore their money beliefs and learn to take control of their finances. A personal college financial plan will help reduce financial stress and provide students freedom to succeed. Students will leave with the beginning steps to help them transform their financial lives.

Spring 2015

Engineering a Greener Future
"Engineering a Greener Future, One Change at a Time"

Dr. Jennifer Anthony, Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering

February 4, 7-8 PM, Marlatt Hall

Backstage Pass
"A Backstage Pass of How a University Runs: 
Candor, Confidence and a Candid Look at K-State"

Dr. Pat Bosco, Vice President of Student Life and Dean of Students

February 17, 7-8 PM, Putnam Hall

At War with the Buddha of Love
"At War with the Buddha of Love: 
The Greatest Statue Not Yet Built"

Dr. Jessica Falcone, Associate Professor, Anthropology

April 28, 7-8 PM, Moore Hall