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K-State First

Discover the K-State Principles of Community

K-State First
Kansas State University
014 Holton Hall
1101 Mid-Campus Drive N.
Manhattan, KS 66506


Research and Assessment

Additional selected examples of the research and assessment produced by our K-State First efforts


  • Kerry Priest, Emily Lehning, Donald Saucier, Jenna Brack, and Gregory Eiselein. "Student Identity and the First-Year Learning Community." 32nd Annual Conference on the First-Year Expereince. [Conference Presentation, February 2013]
  • Gregory Eiselein, Emily Lehning, and Steven J. Hawks, "Building a Comprehensive First-Year Program," 31st Annual Conference on The First-Year Experience [Conference Presentation, February 2012]
  • Gregory Eiselein, Don Saucier, and Sue Williams, "Using Multiple Measures for Assessment of Student Learning: K-State First and the Assessment of First-Year Programs," Fall 2011 Assessment Showcase: Featuring Best Practices in Assessment at Kansas State University [University Assessment Presentation, November 2011]
  • Gregory Eiselein, Steven J. Hawks, Emily Lehning, and Donald A. Saucier, "Connecting Students and Connecting Disciplines: K-State's CAT Communities," Eighth Annual K-State Teaching Retreat: Leading a Community of Learners, [Conference Presentation, January 2011]
  • Gregory Eiselein, "First-Year Seminars, Engaging Faculty, and Student Success." [Provost's Lecture Series Presentation, April 2009]