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Division of Financial Services

Kansas State University
Unger Complex
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Manhattan, KS 66502
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FIS Reports and Downloads Training

Optio eReports: This is 10.5 minute flash video shows how to go into eReports (Optio) to retreive your month end reports

End-Of-Month (EOM) Report Formatter: (Version 1.02 Revised 4 Jun 2009) Download this Excel file and save to your hard drive. Place this either on your desktop or in the same drive location that you will save save your End-Of-Month reports to. You MUST run this from your hard drive, it will error out if run from the web.

Instructions for EOM Reports: A .pdf document providing written guidance on pulling and formatting the FIS End-Of-Month reports.

  • From the 'List of Reports' select each of the End-Of-Month reports and save them to a single location on your hard drive. Remember the location - you will need to go to it using the Formatter you saved from above.
  • A short video of just a bit over 12 minutes is available to see how this works. Click on the viewer of preference below:

EOM Transaction (Non-Grant) Report in Flash: Must be run in Internet Explorer. This is a little over 12 minute presentation that shows how to prepare the Month-End Transaction (Non-Grant) Report using FIS Reports to export from Discoverer Viewer to Excel, then run the local 'Report Formatter' macro. Finally shows some steps to take before printing and how to change to straight 'Black and White' Print. This does require Microsoft Internet Explorer to be used and also requires the 'Flash' plugin to be installed.