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Division of Financial Services

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2010 Archives

December 2010 (Accepting Gifts & Meals)
November 2010 (Purchasing Ethics)
October 2010 (Office Supply Store Closing, Telecommunications Cell Phone Service Ending)
September 2010 (Real Estate Leases, Using BPC at Staples Store continued, Industrial Supplies contract)
August 2010 (Encumbering continued, Updating BPC at Staples Store, Consortiums)
July 2010 (Departmental Authority, Encumbering)
June 2010 (Sole Sources continued)
May 2010 (Sole Sources)
April 2010 (Buying Recycled Paper)
March 2010 (Retention of Records, Document Disposal/Shredding contract, Document & Micromedia Storage contract, State Use: Document Conversion Svc.)
February 2010 (Key Purchasing Procedures, Printer & Coper Toner Cartridge Scam)
January 2010 (Signature Authority, Contract Definition)