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Division of Financial Services

Division of Financial Services
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Procurement (Purchasing Services or Commodities)

In the market for something new? Our Purchasing Department noted in the menu options to the left provides procurement services, training and business forms, and they would be happy to help. Please visit their site to learn more about University procurement policy and delegated responsibilities. Once you understand your options here are a few quick references to get you started.


Finding a Supplier:


          Kansas State University is committed to supplier diversity and our Division would like to
          encourage you to review the information at the following link for State certified small
          and diverse suppliers, http://mwbds.kansascommerce.com/.


          Determining whether your relationship with a service provider should be classified as an
          independent contractor or an employee is an important exercise that must occur before
          services are performed in order to ensure proper tax withholding and reporting. Please
          check out the above link for additional information when considering whether you are
          establishing an employment or independent contractor relationship.


          As Kansas State University grows internationally we have new opportunities to work with
          parties oversees and with foreign nationals who perform services for the university in the
          United States.  Due to increased federal reporting responsibilities in this area, it is extremely
          important that information concerning the payee is gathered early. The Division of Financial
          Services can help explain accounts payable procedures with international partners, and has
          provided guidance and an FAQ site under Payments to Foreign Nationals noted under the
          Accounts Payable Section in the left hand menu.


Have other questions? Please contact our Purchasing Department at 532-6214 or our Accounts Payable Department at 532-6202.