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Travel expense reimbursements

Payments to a student are considered a reimbursement when the expenses incurred are on behalf of the University and when there is a direct connection between the expense the mission of the University. The primary beneficiary of the activity is the University. These payments should be processed through the General Accounting Office on the corresponding Accounts Payable Voucher. Types of payments that are considered expense reimbursements include:

  • Students representing the University as a presenter at a conference or on a competition team.

  • Primary purpose of student’s travel is to obtain useful results from a project or research the student in conducting on behalf of the University.

  • The results or research related to expenditures will be used directly by KSU.

  • Research is performed to fulfill obligations to an outside funding agency (grant).

  • Activity is required of ALL students in a degree or course; that is, activity impacts the student’s grade in a required course for the student’s degree or is a requirement for graduation. The requirement to travel based on the dissertation topic does not qualify the travel as business travel. Rather, the degree program must state that all students are required to travel to conduct their dissertation research.