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Educational related awards

Educational related awards include scholarships, tuition, grant awards and stipends. The payment to a student is considered an educational related award if the purpose is to support the student’s pursuit of an educational program. Educational related awards should be processed through the KSU Office of Student Financial Assistance. The financial aid is applied to the student’s account and any excess aid (aid exceeding the student’s charges) is issued as a refund payment by the KSU Cashier and Student Account’s Office. Types of payments that are considered educational related awards include:

  • Payments to assist enrolled KSU students with financing their education including tuition, fees, books and supplies.

  • Payments that are educationally related with the primary intention of personally benefiting the KSU student (research award, dissertation research).

When evaluating the type of payment made to the student, it is important that departments understand the relationship of this payment in regards to grants and contracts to ensure the regulations of the type of award are met. It is also important for students to understand the impact that the type of award may have on the student’s financial aid package.