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Division of Financial Services

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Kansas State University
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Deferment Questions and Answers

When are the deferred tuition and fees due?

September 15th (or the last work day prior to the 15th) for Fall and
February 15th (or the last work day prior to the 15th) for Spring. Hardship
     deferments may be granted to certain categories which allow an
     additional 30 days from standard terms.

What is deferred?

  1. All CURRENT tuition and Fees
  2. Housing

*** You will need to check your KSIS account to verify the charges that were deferred.***

What is not deferred?

  1. Parking Charges
  2. Jardine Charges and Special Housing Charges
  3. Default Charges (late fees)
  4. Library Fee
  5. Athletic Tickets
  6. NO Previous Semester Charges
  7. Sevis Fee
  8. International Student Health Insurance
  9. Certain Departmental Charges (Lafene Health Center, Lab Checkout Fees, etc.)
  10. Special Handling & Late Enrollment Fee