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Carolyn J. Ferguson
Associate Professor of Biology, KSU Herbarium Curator

Undergraduate Research
Phlox phylogeny and taxonomy
Prospective students
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Suzi Strakosh doing PCR work

Susan Rolfsmeier (right) studying Lappula specimens with Carolyn Ferguson at the Komarov Botanical Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia

Prospective Students

Consider graduate study in Plant Systematics at Kansas State!

I am seeking prospective students interested in exploring questions of species boundaries and diversification in the genus Phlox. We are particularly focused on using phylogenetic and population genetic data to investigate evolutionary process questions relating to hybridization, polyploidy, biogeography and pollination ecology. I also open to considering students interested in regional floristics and in the use of digitized collections data to explore patterns of floristic diversity. Interested individuals should make contact by email; application information for graduate study in the Division of Biology is available through the Biology graduate studies webpages. In addition to teaching and research assistantships, current graduate training programs associated with Biology include a GAANN and a GK-12 program.


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