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Division of Facilities

Space Allocation Process

The Vice President for Administration and Finance and Division of Facilities oversee the management of space to ensure that the university fully maximizes its resources in providing top quality academic services to its students and a positive and productive working environment for its faculty and staff.

The following procedures have been developed to provide consistency and understanding of the space allocation process.

Space request procedure

1. Available space listed
Available space will be listed on the Space Management website in
January, April, July, and October every calendar year.
  • Announcement of available space will be posted in K-State Today.
  • Departments interested in requesting space will have 2 weeks from the time of the announcement to submit their request for space via the online Space Request form.
  • Requests for space must be pre-approved by a Dean, VP, Provost, or President and written documentation confirming their approval is required at the time of submission of the space request form.
  • Tours of available space will be scheduled upon request. Requests should be directed to Heather Mills, Assistant Director Space Management.
2. Recommendations made

The office of Space Management will evaluate the space requests and make recommendations to the VPAF, Provost, Facilities AVP, & the Director of Campus Planning to determine the final space allocations.

  • The length of the evaluation process will be dependent upon the number of requests that are received.
  • Requests will be evaluated based on guiding principles that have been established to promote efficient space use.
3. Allocations announced

Space allocations will be listed on the Space Management website and an announcement placed in K-State Today.


Any questions regarding the space allocation process should be directed to:

Heather Mills
Assistant Director Space Management

The office of Campus Planning and Space Management is also available to assist with space needs assessments, future space planning or examining ways to better utilize space that is currently allocated to your department.