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Division of Facilities

Memorial Trees

This policy describes the process for giving trees to the University.  There are two ways that individuals or groups can place trees on the Kansas State University campus in recognition of or in memorial to a person or event.  The options are endowed trees or gift trees. 

Gift Trees

If a non-endowed gift tree is donated to the University, the Grounds Department will plant the donated tree at no cost to the contributor if the tree is acceptable and a suitable location can be found.  If a plaque is desired for this tree the contributor must pay for the plaque and its installation by the University with a check payable to the KSU Foundation.  The plaque graphic will be prepared by the University and must conform to the plaque standards.  No replacements are provided for non-endowed trees or plaques.

Endowed Trees

For endowed trees the contributor must provide, in addition to the material and installation costs described for gift trees, a check for $200. This endowment will provide for the long term replacement of the tree and the plaque.

Tree Request Process

1.  Contact KSU Campus Planning (532-6389) to discuss tree type and locations.

2.  If plaque is planned, Campus Planning will prepare a sample plaque. All plaques will utilize a standard sign size, style, and installation method as designated by the department of Campus Planning.

3.  Contribute check to KSU Foundation to cover all costs.

  • Tree - Cost varies from $100 to $400
  • Tree Installation & location fees - $200
  • Plaque with installation - $100
  • Endowment - $200

4.  The plaque is ordered by the University after approval of wording layout by contributor.

5.  The tree is obtained and installed by the University, in the appropriate tree planting season.

6.  The plaque base and plaque are installed by the University in a standard location designated by the department of Campus Planning.

Tree or Plaque Replacement or Relocation

The policy for replacing a damaged plaque is to assess the cost to the entity that caused the damage.  If the cause of damage cannot be determined and the plaque was endowed, the endowment will cover the replacement cost.  Endowed trees that die will be replaced with the endowment funds.  There are times when these trees and plaques need to be relocated as a result of building construction or utilities projects.  The project will be responsible for relocation costs or if the tree can not be relocated, replacement costs.