ENGL 670 -- Schedule for Class Discussion Questions

Below is the schedule for preparing questions for class discussion. For further information about this contribution to our class, see the syllabus.
Any changes to the schedule below (such as switching with someone) should be approved in advance; once approved, I will post an updated schedule.


T Sept 4
Austen, Emma and selected critical readings
  • Marissa Combs
  • Noelle Braaten
  • Joyce Friedel
  • Lexi Bedell
Doyle, The Van and selected critical readings
  • Brittani Ivan
  • Rachael Cox
  • Miriam Barton
T Sept 18
Lewis, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and selected critical readings
  • Katie Cline
  • Levi Jones
  • Sally Carey
  • Mikayla Sharpless
T Oct 2 Rowling, Goblet of Fire and selected critical readings
  • Caleigh Hellmer
  • Gibson Combs
  • Isaac Montgomery
  • Gaby De Anda
  • Wendi Stark
T Oct 16
Rowling, Half-Blood Prince and selected critical readings
  • Brittany Johnson
  • Paige Brott
  • Austin Schroeder
  • Savannah Winkler
T Nov 6
Stroud, The Amulet of Samarkand
  • Hannah Wright
  • Lexi Bedell
  • Caleigh Hellmer
  • Gaby De Anda
Pullman, The Golden Compass
  • Rebecca Nelson
  • Molly Burt
  • Brandy Webb
  • Cailey McCabe
Updated October 2018