Late Modern Planet:
Conference Program

11th Annual Cultural Studies Symposium
Kansas State University
March 7-9, 2002


Session 1: Crossing Cultural Borders. Location: Union 207. Moderator: Dean Hall (Kansas State University).

Session 1: Natural and Post-Natural Worlds. Location: Union 207. Moderator: Carol Franko (Kansas State University).

Session 2: Postmodernity, Globalization, and Gender. Location: Union 206. Moderator: Bonnie Nelson (Kansas State University).

Session 1: Global Commodities. Location: Union 207. Moderator: Harvey Partica (Kansas State University).

Dinner Break

8 pm:
Keynote Speakers: Ginu Kamani and Joel Barraquiel Tan. Staged reading of Kamani and Tan's play, "The Cure." Student Union, rm. 212.
Reception to follow

(All day break-out room to continue discussions, Union 209)

Session 1: Representation and Exoticism. Location: Union 207. Moderator: Naomi Wood (Kansas State University).

Session 1: Theorizing Modernity. Location: Union 207. Moderator: Alison Wheatley (Kansas State University).

Session 2: Music. Location: Union 206. Moderator: Phil Nel (Kansas State University).

Lunch Break

Session 1: The Local within the Global. Location: Union 207. Moderator: Carolyn Comiskey (Kansas State University).

Session 2: 9/11 Considered. Location: Union 206. Moderator: Nancy Cervetti (Avila College).

Session 1: Resisting Globalization. Location: Union 207. Moderator: Donna Potts (Kansas State University).

Session 2: Negotiating Liminality. Location: Union 206. Moderator: Maureen Fielding (Pennsylvania State University).

4 pm:
Keynote Speaker: Larry Grossberg on "Globalization and the Death of Imagination." Student Union, rm. 212.

Dinner Break

8 pm:
Keynote Speaker: Bruce Robbins. "The Clash of Civilizations and the Critique of Culture." Little Theater, Student Union
Reception to follow at the home of Jill Deans

Session 1: Technology and Identity. Location: Union 207. Moderator: Matt Brooks (University of South Florida).

Session 2: Deviancy, Uneasiness, and Enchantment. Location: Union 206. Moderator: Robert Clark (Kansas State University).

Session 1: Globalization and Identity. Location: Union 207. Moderator: Lee Behlman (Kansas State University).

Session 2: Globalization of Identity. Location: Union 206. Moderator: Peter Arnds (Kansas State University).

Lunch Break

Session 1: Displacements. Location: Union 207. Moderator: Jill Deans (Kansas State University).

Session 2: Politics of the Web. Location: Union 206. Moderator: Karin Westman (Kansas State University).

2:30 Keynote Speaker: Amitava Kumar on "The Death of the Author Library: A Postcolonial Memoir." Student Union, rm. 212.

4:00 Roundtable discussion of September 11 and subsequent events. Student Union, rm. 212.

Late Modern Planet

The 11th Annual Cultural Studies Symposium at Kansas State University

Keynote speakers: Bruce Robbins, Lawrence Grossberg, Amitava Kumar, Ginu Kamani and Joel Barraquiel Tan

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