Violence, Incorporated

The 7th Annual Cultural Studies Symposium

March 12-14, 1998, Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas

"The physical moment tells our knowledge that suffering ought not to be, that things should be different. 'Woe speaks Go.'" --Theodor Adorno

"When women explore their social roles, if the issue of violence does not arise, the workshop methodology is not addressing the issue of gender."--Correspondencia (Mexico)

"I'm not gonna stand on the stage and be Tipper Gore, but there is such a thing as good taste."--Spike Lee

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Our topic, "Violence Incorporated," responds to a need to bring the current fascination with violence under more rigorous consideration and understanding. We would consider, on the one hand, how the "private" body is the corporeal site of violence in the last instance, and thus the place where ideology is felt, and, on the other hand, the many ways in which violence is collectively marshalled, organized, and administered, from "organized" crime to the state to the modern corporation itself. What, in this framework, are the roles of literature and the arts, historically and currently? What are the imaginary effects of real violence and the real effects of imaginary violence? Do the liberal thematization of violence and the theoretical metaphoriz ation of violence--the joint risks of just such a conference topic as this one--obscure the important differences among kinds of violence. especially occluding justified violence or revolutionary violence?


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