ann Reckling / Red Series


“Once I get a phrase in my head, I tend to toy with it, infusing it with rhetorical manipulations to please my ear. When the result suggests a visual that feels rust-worthy, I build on that.” The combination of the ethos of wabi-sabi with a new exploration of the color red is leading to a growing body of assemblage that subverts expectations and invites the viewer to experience a moment of satisfying surprise.

You Can Take the Pulse of Progress With Rust

The Red Series takes its inspiration from two sources I find inspiring: the color I most associate  with my own happiness, stimulation, and good fortune and the vast variety of texts that serve as slogans or quotations in popular culture. As I discuss with Blair Schulman, in our KC Artist Link interview, in my current Red Series “the inception for the visual springs from the verbal, the sources of [my] rust aphorisms varying widely from advertising slogans to vernacular expressions to literary quotations.”

Room 39

Other Works:

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