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Department of English

Undergraduate Areas of Concentration

B.A. in English with Concentration in Literature

Students electing the B.A. with a literature option take 39 credit hours chosen from a range of courses--from Anglo-Saxon poetry and prose to contemporary British and American language and literature. Such courses emphasize close analytic reading; rigorous student-instructor discussion; and incisive, critical writing. Many courses also consider appropriately related art, music, history, and philosophy.

B.A. in English with Concentration in Creative Writing

Students interested in pursuing creative writing take 39 credit hours, 12 of which are in creative writing courses, with the remaining chosen from the department's literature and language courses. Classes are limited in size to encourage group consideration of student writing and to allow for a tutorial relationship between the instructor and each student.

The creative writing program is also enriched by the appearance of prominent and emerging writers such as Michael S. Harper, Mary Karr, Maxine Hong Kingston, Barry Lopez, Ellen Bryant Voight, and Tobias Wolfe. Visiting writers may offer readings, conduct classes, and confer with individual students.

B.A. in English with Teaching Certification

Department majors who plan to teach at the secondary school level select 39 hours of study from the department's language, literature, and nonfiction and creative writing offerings. Majors in this option also fulfill the College of Education's secondary school certification requirements, thus earning both a B.A. in English and a B.S. in Education.

For more information, get in touch with the Lead Undergraduate Advisor.