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Department of English


As a major in English, you'll work with a faculty advisor who is highly invested in your success. Advisors assist students in preparing their enrollment schedules, in adjusting to the demands of university life, in planning for post-graduate careers, and in sharpening their skills.

Meet with your advisor every semester to discuss not only your enrollment, but also your dreams for the future and tactics for getting there. Your advisor can also help you navigate university bureaucracy, identify academic and personal goals, and strategize about academic or personal problems.

Once you've declared your program, you'll be assigned an advisor. If you have trouble of any kind connecting with your advisor, please email us at english@ksu.edu.

Declare your program

Major: Declare your major and concentration in the College of Arts and Sciences office, by emailing artsci@ksu.edu. You can also go to Calvin 107 to fill out the paperwork, then notify us here in English.

Minor: Declare your minor and concentration by filling out the linked online request form.

Certificates: Declare your certificate in Linguistics or in Film Studies by filling out the linked online request form.


Review detailed course descriptions.

Career Planning in English

Strategies and resources for planning your career.


Search for transfer equivalency for in-state, out-of-state, and international institutions.

Recommendations for Community College Students (.pdf)

Financial Aid

Review information about and apply for financial assistance from K-State.

Honors Program

Learn about the University Honors Program.


How to apply for a graduation check; graduation pitfalls; apply to graduate.

Arts and Sciences Advising Resources

Access list of resources and student services.

Getting Help

Your advisor can help you identify individual resources, but here's a list of offices devoted to your success and support.