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Department of English

Program and Enrollment Information

KSIS: Student Information System. Enroll, check your holds, run a DARS report to see how close you are to completing all requirements, and more.

English Department

Undergraduate Catalogue

Current University "Course Schedule": Current classes, reference numbers, places and times offered. The "Course Schedule" is also known as the "Line Schedule."
Enrollment Time Chart: Find out on what day you can begin enrolling classes. This information is available to you via iSIS, but you can also find it like this:
  1. Go to the University Course Schedule page
  2. Click on the semester for which you're enrolling (e.g., Spring 2010)
  3. Click "instructions"
  4. Then look for the link "Enrollment Time Chart"

The time you enroll is based on the number of hours you've completed before the beginning of the current semester.

Honors Program: The College of Arts and Science's Honors Program.
Transfer Information: See if the classes you took at another Kansas institution will transfer to K-State.