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Department of English

Literature Track Faculty


Smiling manMark Crosby

18th Century British (and Romanticism), 19th Century BritishCultural StudiesDigital HumanitiesNarrative, and Poetry

Smiling womanKara Northway

Renaissance Literature, Early Modern Drama, Cultural StudiesComposition and Rhetoric, Writing Center Studies

Smiling womanSteffi Dippold

Early American literaturecomparative colonialismNative American studiesvisual and material cultureliterature and the environment, and transatlantic print culture

Smiling womanTosha Sampson-Choma

20th Century AmericanWomen's Studies/Feminism/Gender/SexualityEthnic Literature/Ethnic Studies

Woman at micChristina Hauck

20th Century British Literature; Modernism; PoetrySexuality Studies in LiteratureCultural Studies

Smiling manKimball Smith

16th and 17th century poetry and dramaMedieval PoetryCultural Studies, Fiction

Book coverAnne Longmuir

Victorian Literature; Contemporary American FictionModern and Contemporary British Fiction (especially Scottish); Feminism and Women's Studies

Smiling womanShirley Tung

17th c. British LiteratureRestoration and 18th c. British Literature; Life Writing; Gender Studies

Smiling womanWendy Matlock

Medieval Literature and CultureCritical TheoryCultural StudiesHumanitiesLinguistics/English LanguagePoetryWomen's Studies, Feminism/Gender/Sexuality

Smiling womanNaomi Wood

19th Century British Literature and CultureChildren's LiteratureWomen's

StudiesLiterature and the Environment