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Department of English

Consider English at Kansas State University

K-State’s Department of English provides students with a carefully structured but individualized program that encourages creativity, promotes innovative scholarship, and fosters close working relationships between students and faculty.

students in front of library

The Department is committed to the principle that good teaching and good research synergistically promote one another.  The Department encourages and prepares students to become not only resourceful scholars and articulate writers, but also outstanding teachers.

With approximately 60 master’s candidates and 30 graduate faculty members, the Department offers individualized attention and small class sizes.  Faculty are leaders in their respective fields, collectively publishing in the past five years more than two dozen books as well as articles, reviews, poems, essays and stories in more than 100 journals and anthologies.

Graduate students come from a variety of backgrounds, including undergraduate programs in English or other disciplines.  While some have recently completed their undergraduate work, many are returning students hoping to energize their craft, switch careers, or pursue unmet dreams.  Some of our students grew up and attended college in the Midwest; others have come from across the country or across the ocean to study at K-State.

Likewise, what our graduates do when they leave K-State varies.  Some go on to pursue advanced degrees in a variety of disciplines, including law, literature, linguistics, cultural studies and composition.  Others enter professions including technical and professional writing, community and social services, arts administration, public school teaching, community college teaching, publishing and editing, or journalism and business.

students in class discussionWhatever your goals, graduate study at K-State strengthens your academic skills, hones your creative talents, exposes you to new experiences and ideas, encourages self-expression and self-examination, and prepares you for entry into your next phase of life.

To apply to the M.A. Program in English, please visit our Graduate Application page.

For more information about the program, please check out our Graduate Studies in English page and our list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).